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The confused history of Crumb Hall

((copied from the original backstory of what was to become Brunel Hall…)

Before the age of steam, and following into the age of clockwork….there was The Great Empire.

The ancient history of New Babbage right now lays buried somewhere under
the sealed domain of “The Old Quarter”. However that seal is on the
verge of being lifted. The other “Old Quarter” was recently opened up,
Clockhaven. However tracking the history of the original Old Quarter
which lays due north of clockhaven and due east of the new Academy
grounds leads you to dead end after dead end. One thing is certain
though, the Emperor line.

Elias Crumb III is the man who most scholars credit with being the first
person to discover the potential use of the infamous, and some people
beleive non existant, Cloud Angels. The Crumb emperor line of New
Babbage collapsed shortly after the fall of the Great Empire and the
Clockwork era soon began. Recently though the Crumb family line
re-emerged in New Babbage in the form of a severely alcoholic Emperor Ezra Crumb II.

While the Crumb family fortunes was on the rise however, Crumb Manor was
constructed. It wasn;t constructed in the Academy though, it was
constructed in the Old Quarter. Elias Crumb III commisioned two mock
rudor style houses. One was in the Old Quarter and a second smaller
house was located next door to what used to be The Great Synagouge of
Clockhaven, all that remains of this Great Synagogue is Fullarton House,
the massive domed building by the docks. The Crumb family fortunes
continued to rise as more and more Cloud Angels “helped” the Great
Empire by reportedly giving their services to power strange and
wonderfull machines, some of these machines have been found in ruins
across the steamlands.

However, as reported by most scholars, the greed of The Great Empire was
eventually their downfall. The Cloud Angels left, leaving the once
massive machines which powered the empire….dead.

The Empire soon collapsed after this event, and with it a revolution to
end the reign of the Crumb line of Emperors. Crumb Hall in clockhaven
was demolished along with the rear half of The Great Synagogue soon
after the age of clockwork ended and the age of steam began. What
remained of Crumb House in the Old Quarter was stripped bare, the only
thing left of Crumb House was a few foundation stones…then the Old
Quarter was mysteriously sealed closed by the Church, a seal which still
exists to this day, which is why no one is able to enter where the Old
Quarter used to be.

Crumb Manor was then constructed by a cousin of the former emperor in
the land which we now know as The Academy ground. Back then it was
simply an extention north of the port. Most of the building materials of
the original building in the Old Quarter was used. However, when the
first incarnation of the academy was build, and then subsequently
exploded due to sabotage by some students, the resulting falling masonry
virtually demolished Crumb Manor.

With the reopening of the academy grounds, the eccentric Victor1st
Mornington decided to dig up the lands of the academy grounds to locate
where this infamous Manor once stood, he then took the plans of the
original Crumb Hall and Crumb House and merged the both of them to make
one large hall facing the entrance of the soon to be constructed

Brunel Hall…Then and now…

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August 2010


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