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the coming storm part 3 ((feb12))

“I take it this happened when your cough started?”

“After… after he made me what oy was it started…..” She shook like a leaf as she remembered, tears running down her cheek as she tried not to break down, grabbing a cloth as she falls to her knees in a coughing fit. Sonnerstein gently picked her up in his arms, frowning deeply. “Shh.. it’s alright.. There’s still a small chance it could be tuberculosis, but that seems a rare possibility knowing all this..” Lilith whimpers holding the cloth to her mouth as she keeps coughing into it.

Sonnerstein gently held the girl as he speaks  “The person who did this to you.. Did he mention anything to you of the experiment being incomplete?”  

“He said…. it….. did not work…. he could not create the hunt… off one vial,” she wiped her lips and nose with the bloodied cloth Sonnerstein thinks, “Then something must be missing in the pattern…”

Lilith reached out for her belt to try and get one of the syringes off it.  “My dear child, I’m so sorry this has been done to you.. It’s a terrible side to the science.” Sonnerstein lossed the syringe for her and placed it in her hand. Lilith grit her canines as she jabbed it into her leg and injected the red fluid.

She muttered to him as she starts to doze, “The shots.. keep.. me… alive”

“I’ll have to take a sample to study.. Perhaps I can recreate his formula to help keep you going. Poor dear..” Sonnerstein’s ears tipped back, frowning softly. “Just rest… I’ll do all I can to help..” Sonnerstein looks back to Arnold.

“Do you know if she has a place to stay?”

The cat thought for a moment while reaching for his head, “She knows of…a place. But…  I don’t think she has anything but the urchins as a real resource.  If it were up to me I’d give her a hospital bed.  But…it’s not up to me.”

Sonnerstein pulls a few empty test tubes out of his coat along with a syringe, tourniquet and rubbing alcohol and cotton balls, working to get a small blood sample from Lilith and carefully taking a small amount from each of the vials she carried for study.  He then gathered her up in his arms and the two brought her somewhere safe for the night.  

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