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the coming storm part 2 ((feb12))

After some time they soon arrived at Dr. Sonnerstien’s home as Arnold looks to Lilith “I don’t always barge in on their home. But..” Liliths lowered her ears quietly as they enter the house as he lead her to the dining area.

After a bit Dr. Sonnerstien arrived back home coming in to see Lilith waiting. “Hello again, little one.”

Lilith looked up a bit startled by the tall imposing man, “e..ello Arnold told me to wait here for you.”  She says nervously.

“Is it about your cough?” She nodded nervously in response to the question as Sonnerstein pulls out a handkerchief and offers it to her “You said you’ve had it awhile… Do you recall how long?”

“F..five years.” She says as she takes the cloth and coughs into it.

Sonnerstein continued to inquire about things, while Arnold waited in the corner, “When did the bleeding start?” She keeps her ears low as she admitted that it was the same time.  She lowered the bloodied cloth a little around her lips. Sonnerstein starts to mention about doing a tuberculosis test, but he was cut off as Arnold stated he already started one at the hospital.

The doctor continues to ask her questions for a bit till one particular question, “Have you had any other troubles?” She nods at this putting the cloth to her mouth having another coughing fit as she lowers her ears. “Just… this……. sometimes its worse……. especially after certain things happen…”

“What sort of certain things?” Sonnerstein asked, he would need more to go on if he was to treat her properly.

“Its… its hard to explain but part of..what i am now.”  Sonnerstein tilted his head, and then went retrieve a cookie from a jar on the shelf, offering it to her. “Care to explain however you can?”

Lilith twitches her nose as she sniffs a bit cautiously at the cookie gently taking it and starts to nibble gently on it, trying to think the best way on how to explain it as her train of thought is broken by anotehr question “Have you come of age?” she blinked in confusion at this, and even Arnold seemed surprised by the question, raising a brow and then once again cradling his wound, “W…what do you meen by that?”  

He waved the question away at her obvious confusion.  Lilith blinked and thinks a bit as she looks down wondering what he meant by that.  Her body shook again and she slowly pulled one of the vials off her belt that was hidden in her jacket and set it on the table.  There fluid had a red color to it, “This keeps me ……keeps bad things from happening.”

Sonnerstein tilted his head and picks it up, opening it up to sniff it’s contents tentatively, discovering the scent of blood and chemicals, “What is it?”

“It keeps me alive……”  

Sonnerstein looks back to her, reclosing the vial and offering it back to her. “Vampiric..?”

Arnold looked as if he was about to hit himself in the head with his own paw, but thankfully stopped before he hurt himself.  Lilith shook her head as she pulled out another vial with blue fluid.  “No….. something else….. I….I in a way am sick but no one else can get… its something from how… I became what I am and this blue one…oy use it when….. when oy have certin things happen…”  

Sonnerstein sighed, “I’m afraid you’ll have to be a bit less vague for me to understand.. There’s a lot of conditions that fit that general description.

At this point Arnold speaks up  “Sonnerstein… smell her scent”  Sonnerstein glanced to Arnold before looking back to Lilith, leaning down a little and sniffing, his ears twitching faintly. “Well, I smell wolf… Are you trying to tell me you’re not a wolf moreau?”

Lilith bit  her lip again, “I am not… but I am not a true wolf either”

Sonnerstein thinks  “A werewolf then?

Lilith blinks and looks down, “Yes…..and…. no….I was not bit….. nor was i born this way…..”

Sonnerstein blinked, “Did someone experiment on you?” Lilith shudders and looks down trembling as she whimpers.  Sonnerstein holds his hand out to her. “It’s alright.. No one here will harm you”

Lilith nods and trembles as she cautiously moves closer, “Oy do not have…the weaknesses of one….. well most of….. oy never got all.. .the strengths….. oy can’t heal fast………… but silver does not react……..oy have control….. but no strength…..” she says softly.

Sonnerstein nods  “Well, we’ll have to see what the tuberculosis test shows. If it’s not that, it may be something more specific to werewolves..”

Lilith blinks, “Oy was created into being one… but…… but he said…. it was wrong he was missing something…. oy remember it a bit says one vial was not enough.”

Sonnerstein looked a bit confused “One vial?”

Lilith blinked and nodded, “It was long ago, oy was little but still have some memories of it….. but oy know he would bring in dead werewolves….. ones he hunted to make these,” She tapped the blue vials, She did not even bother to point to the vial of green fluid and instead tapped the red, “And the blood of dead…..Moraeus to make these.”

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