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The Clockhaven Chronicles New Edition is Out!

Announcing the release of the Clockhaven Chronicles 2nd Edition/2nd Episode! Congratulations are in order for Mr. P.S. Chambers for the publication and release of his second episode in the 4-part serialization, “Day of the Dragons”, from the Clockhaven Chronicles!

Day of the Dragons - Ballroom Blitz
Day of the Dragons – Ballroom Blitz

The Clockhaven Chronicles (2nd Edition/2nd Episode) – “Day of the Dragons: Ballroom Blitz”, written by P.S. Chambers and illustrated by Ashley Walters is available at (and very soon at and Barnes&

Stanislaus Pulaski’s carefree days on sunny Curacao have vanished in a puff of smoke. Threats lurk in the shadows while more loom just beyond the horizon. If that were not enough, he can count on meddlesome friends beside him, beautiful women to beguile him, and situations that will try him. Yet Stan strives to persevere; still determined to build an airship, still searching for answers, still tinkering with his craft, still-mostly-clueless.

Penny Gaff novels are available in PDF, Nook and Kindle formats – and true to their name, your cost is very reasonable – no book over $1.99!  Have you read them all?

The Clockhaven Chronicles

Captive Sky, Truant Heart
A Singular Story: by P.S. Chambers

Day of the Dragons
Episode One: The Girl in the Corner
by P.S. Chambers

A Drop of the Venom
Episode One: Leviathan’s Bane
by Andrew McCurdy

Day of the Dragons

Episode Two: Ballroom Blitz
(PDF is ready; other formats coming very soon)



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