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The Christmas Buffet

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  1. Tepic Harlequin Tepic Harlequin December 16, 2013

    errrr……. Mr Go..Mornington sir? Yer know, them tables would look awful good with them long table cloths on em, yer know, the ones as reach right down ter the ground? After all, yer don’t want ter upset the ladies, seein all them table legs bare, would yer?

    • Jon Chen Jon Chen December 17, 2013

      Well said!  A lovely table cloth also finishes off the look, to be sure, while protecting the more valuable table surface from the vicissitudes of comestible life (as the vest to a gentleman’s shirt).  On the other hand, the Brunel is the place in New Babbage that receives all the most exotic guests, and caters to their specific wants/needs.  So…does this omission of table cloths prompt us to ask, who indeed is also coming to Christmas dinner?  Is is this omission a sign of changing dining styles in our City?  Or does it mean that some unfortunate person in service at the Brunel will be truly and duly sacked for this omission?

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