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The Black Heart: Town Hall Meeting.

[14:50]  Satu Moreau: Hey there, Gadget.
[14:51]  Gadget Starsider: Wotcha Sir
[14:51]  Satu Moreau: If Mr. Maltheus doesn’t show, it might be better for you to take the lead.
[14:51]  Gadget Starsider: who me?
[14:51]  Satu Moreau: Well, I don’t think anyone here may know as much of all this business as you.
[14:52]  Gadget Starsider: oh
[14:52]  Gadget Starsider: um
[14:52]  Gadget Starsider fidgest nervously
[14:52]  Wymberley Monday: Gives gadget encouraging look
[14:53]  MirandaWright Resident sits next to the boy with the gun for protection
[14:53]  Malkuth Verwood: when is this meeting to start?
[14:54]  Wymberley Monday: shrugs
[14:54]  Gadget Starsider: Wotcha Mr Seb Sir
[14:54]  Tepic Harlequin: hey everyone!
[14:54]  Satu Moreau: Mr. Sebastian..! Welcome.
[14:54]  Tepic Harlequin: there is a bloke over by Mr Footman’s graveyard!
[14:54]  Satu Moreau: It’s due to begin at 3, but Mr. Maltheus doesn’t seem to be here yet.

[14:55]  Tepic Harlequin: he made Myrtil cry, an took her tears!!!!
[14:55]  Malkuth Verwood shouts: BOY wait untill the meeting is started!
[14:55]  Tepic Harlequin: then he ran into a secret room!!!!!
[14:55]  Gadget Starsider: What?
[14:55]  Myrtil Igaly: He’s gonna destroy the city!!!!
[14:55]  MirandaWright Resident looks at Nat and shivers sympathetically
[14:55]  Gadget Starsider: Oh bugger
[14:55]  Myrtil Igaly: And he hurt too…
[14:56]  Malkuth Verwood: is this how all your town meeting start , children running in shouting?
[14:56]  Myrtil Igaly: No but… This is urgent…
[14:56]  MirandaWright Resident: does it hurt a lot?
[14:56]  Wymberley Monday: Does what hurt?
[14:56]  Satu Moreau’s brow furrows.
[14:56]  Nat Merit: it hurt more when it was being sawn off
[14:56]  Satu Moreau: When was this, Tepic?
[14:56]  MirandaWright Resident: his leg of course
[14:57]  Gadget Starsider: well I guess we’ll need numbers
[14:57]  Tepic Harlequin: just now! an he said we should run off or it would be the worst fer us!
[14:57]  MirandaWright Resident: i can’t even imagine
[14:57]  Wymberley Monday: says we run around
[14:58]  Wymberley Monday: I ain’t runnin’
[14:58]  Malkuth Verwood: who is organising this meeting?
[14:58]  Gadget Starsider: Mr Sebastian said we should wait for the meeting
[14:59]  Wymberley Monday: Ain’t this the meeting’?
[14:59]  Myrtil Igaly: Well, I’m going back there to make sure he doesn’t get away
[14:59]  Wymberley Monday: Who?
[14:59]  Satu Moreau shouts: Be careful, Myrtil!
[14:59]  Mosseveno Tenk consults his pocket watch
[14:59]  Wymberley Monday: Tepic, you in charge?
[14:59]  Mosseveno Tenk: Well, young Gadget. What is it you wish to tell us?
[14:59]  Lans Starsider: I’ll go with, to be sure.
[14:59]  Tepic Harlequin shouts: listen up everyone!
[14:59]  Mosseveno Tenk smiles at Tepic

[15:00]  Gadget Starsider: um
[15:00]  Gadget Starsider: well
[15:00]  Tepic Harlequin shouts: there was a bloke as took Myrtil’s tears!
[15:00]  Malkuth Verwood: so the child has organised the meeting?
[15:00]  Gadget Starsider fidgest
[15:00]  Lisabeth Nikolaidis: hello Gadget, hello boys :)
[15:00]  Wymberley Monday: frowns
[15:00]  Mosseveno Tenk: SPeak up lad.
[15:00]  Tepic Harlequin shouts: he’s gonna use em ter make a creature!!!!
[15:00]  Wymberley Monday: who is?
[15:01]  Gadget Starsider: Tepic is right
[15:01]  Satu Moreau: Perhaps a brief summary of what we’ve learned, Gadget? To bring everyone up to speed.
[15:02]  Malkuth Verwood: young man take a seat, your inforrmation will be crucial, but please let the meeting start for if no one understand what is going on then they can not form a plan togtehr
[15:02]  Tepic Harlequin: the bloke as was at Mr Footman’s place…..
[15:02]  Gadget Starsider brethlessly “theres a secret room…and stuff in it wots bad….and the person in it killed blindside but ‘e weasnt there and he had saladors book and now he’s got the beest and he is gonna do something weird with his brain and now myrtils tears and maybe make an ARMY OF BEESTS!!!!”
[15:03]  Mosseveno Tenk: Slow down boy. Start from the biginneing
[15:03]  Gadget Starsider: Here’s Mr Canis
[15:03]  Satu Moreau: Ah, Mr. Maltheus!
[15:03]  Satu Moreau: Good
[15:03]  Tepic Harlequin whispers: blimey….s’no wonder this place keeps burning down, s’ so slow!
[15:04]  Maltheus Canis: Sorry im late, the trolly service you know
[15:04]  Gadget Starsider sighs with relief
[15:04]  Satu Moreau: Gadget tried to sum up for us what’s been going on, but I fear he got a little nervous.
[15:04]  Satu Moreau: And I’m afraid I don’t have as much information as you do.

[15:05]  Malkuth Verwood: perhaps then i should speak of what i know
[15:05]  Satu Moreau: But it seems time is growing short according to Tepic’s news. Would you mind filling us all in?
[15:05]  Satu Moreau looks to Sebastian with a nod.
[15:05]  Maltheus Canis: Oh, right. Well, I assume everbody is up to speed on the origion of the creature, and how its creation went worng ?
[15:05]  Wymberley Monday: Looks a bit puzzled
[15:06]  Tepic Harlequin wiggles in his seat… almost exploding with impatience……
[15:06]  Nat Merit: there’s a room over willard’s old lab and some loony just locked himself in with Myrtil’s tears!
[15:06]  Mosseveno Tenk: The floor is yours, sir.
[15:06]  Mosseveno Tenk motions to the mysterious cloaked person
[15:06]  Maltheus Canis: Yes, please procede Sebastian
[15:06]  Malkuth Verwood: well, my name is Sebastian Verwood of the COrder of Malkuth
[15:07]  Brother Malus listens carefully
[15:07]  Malkuth Verwood: i am a guardian of sorts left in charge of the creature that came from the statue
[15:07]  Tepic Harlequin whispers: e’s the bloke as messed up an made the creature comeout wrong…..
[15:07]  Malkuth Verwood: some of you seem to have learnt about my history and my relationship with a woman named Helen
[15:08]  Nat Merit nods
[15:08]  Malkuth Verwood: She was the daughter of a very talented man, and Alchemist by the name of Salador
[15:08]  Malkuth Verwood: he discovered the formula to the Homunulus,
[15:08]  Jimmy Branagh whispers: Look, there’s th’ other one.
[15:08]  Gadget Starsider: Thats the beestie
[15:08]  Malkuth Verwood: and i am aware that some of the more learnered of you know of the Homunculus
[15:09]  Satu Moreau nods.
[15:09]  Tywyn Mortenwold: /mw nosa
[15:09]  LaughtonMcCry Tchailenov: o.O
[15:09]  Tywyn Mortenwold mods
[15:09]  Malkuth Verwood: Saladors formula relied on a key ingrediant, the tear of a virginal, and his daughter he though was the ppurest he knew

[15:10]  Tepic Harlequin: cept youy an she were …well… errrr….. ummm…
[15:10]  Malkuth Verwood: but she and i had been secretly involved
[15:10]  Malkuth Verwood: yes young sir
[15:10]  Wymberley Monday: squirms, scatches head
[15:10]  MirandaWright Resident looks confused
[15:10]  Nat Merit smirks
[15:10]  Wymberley Monday: Thinks, No wonder that bloke wanted to know if we were all virgins!
[15:10]  Tepic Harlequin whispers loudly to his friends “They were KISSING!!”
[15:11]  Malkuth Verwood: So the Homunculus heart was tainted black, incomplete, and so became a terrifying beast which you are now quite familiar with
[15:11]  MirandaWright Resident giggles
[15:11]  MirandaWright Resident: that makes you cry different?
[15:11]  Wymberley Monday: “”Whispers to Tepic, “Does Kissing make you NOT a virgin?”
[15:11]  Nat Merit: yeah all too familiar with it
[15:11]  MirandaWright Resident: only if you use your tongue
[15:11]  Satu Moreau looks to the kids, lifting a finger to his lips.
[15:11]  Nat Merit glances at his stump
[15:12]  Tepic Harlequin whispers “Yep, if you kiss a girl who ain’t yer mother or sister…”
[15:12]  Maltheus Canis: hush young ones, this is important
[15:12]  Malkuth Verwood: we were very impressed with the towns attempt to trap the beast and were as shocked as you were that the beast escaped
[15:12]  Jimmy Branagh chuckles and shakes his head
[15:12]  Wymberley Monday: sticks finger down ghrough and gags at MirandaWright
[15:12]  Wymberley Monday: throat
[15:13]  MirandaWright Resident sticks out her tongue at Wymberley
[15:13]  Vivi Boxen notices Nats foot and feals bad for him
[15:13]  Malkuth Verwood: we believe that someone in this town wants to try and complete the formula and correct Saladors failure
[15:13]  Tepic Harlequin bounces up and down in his seat…
[15:13]  Malkuth Verwood: how ever that might be is not of my understanding
[15:14]  Wymberley Monday: Whispers to Gadget, “That Man who was askin’ us questions”
[15:14]  Brother Malus sneers
[15:14]  Jimmy Branagh whispers: Cor, Tep! Settle down, eh?
[15:14]  Tepic Harlequin: but…. but….
[15:14]  Gadget Starsider nods
[15:14]  Nat Merit: we know who!
[15:14]  Nat Merit: and where!
[15:14]  Malkuth Verwood: what is his name?
[15:14]  Gadget Starsider: And its a bit urgent
[15:14]  Maltheus Canis: You do? please enlighten us
[15:14]  Tepic Harlequin: i been trying ter tell you!!!
[15:14]  Nat Merit: we found an article in the secret room that said Willard did experiements already

[15:15]  Nat Merit: so we went to willard’s lab
[15:15]  Wymberley Monday: Scratches head, can’t remember name.
[15:15]  Nat Merit: at cobblestone
[15:15]  Malkuth Verwood: i do not know a willard
[15:15]  Nat Merit: and this fella
[15:15]  Nat Merit: we don’t know his name
[15:15]  Effingham Robonaught: Nor I.
[15:15]  Nat Merit: but he made Myrtil cry
[15:15]  Nat Merit: then opened a secret door
[15:15]  Tepic Harlequin: an took her tears!!!
[15:15]  Maltheus Canis: And took her tears…
[15:15]  Gadget Starsider: Hes got round glasses and a hat with goggles on
[15:15]  Nat Merit: and locked himself in a room over the lab!
[15:15]  Gadget Starsider: ans
[15:15]  Gadget Starsider: and he smokes
[15:16]  Nat Merit: and Myrtil says she’s a Leo not a Virgo but I don’t think that’s what it means!
[15:16]  Malkuth Verwood: some have said this person may be the reason the Man Bernard was found floating in the port
[15:16]  Nat Merit: and he gave Gadget fags!
[15:16]  Maltheus Canis: This is very bad news.
[15:16]  Amadeus Hammerer hides his cigarette…
[15:16]  Gadget Starsider: shhhh
[15:16]  Gadget Starsider: I dont smoke often
[15:16]  Nat Merit: we have to go stop him before he uses the machine in the diagram!
[15:16]  Gadget Starsider: oh that yes
[15:16]  Tepic Harlequin: bloomin heck! we gotta go an stop him!
[15:16]  Malkuth Verwood: was anything else found in the hiden room in the wall?
[15:16]  Satu Moreau: Mr. Maltheus. The plans that you found showed a machine for duplicating the homunculus, yes?
[15:17]  Nat Merit: the ree-gen-oh-trans-plasmoo-thingo-whatmo
[15:17]  Maltheus Canis: How long does the creation of the homunculus take sebastian?
[15:17]  Wymberley Monday: Whispers to Gadget, ‘cigarette could be a clue’
[15:17]  MirandaWright Resident: that sounds bad
[15:17]  Gadget Starsider whispers: I smoked it
[15:17]  Wymberley Monday: Whispers: I still have mine.
[15:17]  Nat Merit: we should go there right now!
[15:17]  Wymberley Monday: I think
[15:17]  Maltheus Canis: Those plans werent to duplicate the beast, but to transfer a brain I beleive into the newly made homunculus
[15:17]  Nat Merit: he’s going to use Myrtil’s tears!
[15:18]  Nat Merit: myrtil’s already there trying to stop him!
[15:18]  Nat Merit: and he already hurt her once!
[15:18]  Satu Moreau: In other words, a thinking, plotting man with the unstoppable body of the beast…
[15:18]  Avariel Falcon: Oh no!
[15:18]  Nat Merit: COME ON!
[15:18]  MirandaWright Resident: typical… the girl’s saving the day while all the grownups and boys talk
[15:18]  Oswald Gunsberg: a warewolf?
[15:19]  Wymberley Monday: Twists face into fierce expression
[15:19]  Maltheus Canis: He could also make more homunculi that would worship him as their god and follow his commands
[15:19]  Tepic Harlequin: come on! it’s this way!
[15:19]  Wymberley Monday: Girl Power!
[15:19]  Malkuth Verwood: i think this meeting is over
[15:19]  Effingham Robonaught: It would seem so.
[15:19]  Satu Moreau: Thank you, Sebastian.
[15:19]  Satu Moreau: Both of you, sirs.
[15:19]  Malkuth Verwood: let us follow the children brother
[15:19]  The Teacher “Yes, lets rush with all haste, without a plan to kill the unkillable monster.. Brilliant”
[15:19]  Mosseveno Tenk nods
[15:19]  Rivette Prantis: I thought this was a quiet town.

[15:20]  ElerickBrightstorm Resident was thinking the same thing
[15:20]  GaslampFantasy Steampunk: It’s never been quiet.
[15:20]  ElerickBrightstorm Resident: about rushing off without a thought I mean

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