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The Birth of a Monster Pt. 2


Bianca’s head dropped like a dead weight, her body shaking from the cocktail of emotions that where festering into her being. She was shaking, fighting to free herself and even stamping in anger but the deep little cuts on the back of her hands let her know something important, the beam she was tied too was sharp, and sharpness can cut something…eventually.


Yet before she made a move to rub the ropes against the beams a small voice quivering from behind some boxes called out, “Miss…Miss Bianca…you…you ok?”


The boy couldn’t be past the age of eight as he came from his hiding place covered in soot and looking around carefully. Bianca’s heart leaped for both fear and joy in seeing the boy now clearly knowing Akidami lost it, what could he possibly think of doing to this little hero?


“Yes, I’m fine, but you have to get out of here…”


“Not without you ma’m…you’re the nice lady that leaves her house and kitchen open to us…I heard the stories…but I ain’t never came in. I was going to tonight, then I saw you getting taken away by those mean men.”


“That’s good and well but you cannot be here now, it’s very, very dangerous…”


“But if you’re dead miss, who’s gonna feed us and read us stories?”


Bianca felt her stomach tighten, she was sick, and thought little of herself when she uttered the towards toward the child, “Well…umm–”


“My names Megs”






“You’re a girl?”




“How old are you?”


“Seven, be eight this Sunday. Will you make me something to eat for my birthday miss?”


All this time Bianca had thought she was dealing with a little boy, when it was really just a roughed up little girl. That was it…she had to get her out of here, and she knew now she wasn’t going anywhere without freeing her. ‘Women…sometimes we can be too caring, and sometimes, not caring enough’ she let her thoughts snark for a moment.


“Alright Megs…how about this. You let me go, then you can hear all the stories and eat all the food you want, anytime you want. Sound like a deal?”


“Oh yes miss!! A real good deal!”


The squeaking of a door within the warehouse brought the danger of the situation back to Bianca’s attention. Nodding she motioned to the little girl who moved quickly to work the knots that where behind her back and snaked about her hands. The girl gasped seeing the blood around them and Bianca tried her best not to lose her focus, keeping an eye on the hall of boxes that she saw Akidami leave down.


The footsteps closed in more, and more, but the give behind her back and the girls too loud, “There! You’re free!” caused the foot steps to start running in their direction. Like a madwoman, Bianca scooped the girl up, and grunted as she wasn’t the lightest thing to carry in her condition and demanded she held on tight. She began to climb the boxes, the arabic behind her causing her to move faster and faster until she was able to reach a half opened window. Looking down below, there was a two or three foot leap out until they could hit the canals themselves…and a nice twenty-some odd foot drop from where they where, with boxes upon boxes there, and a pile of hay which she was guessing where to feed the horses..


“Get her!!!” the men called to one another as they started up the boxes. Bianca shoved the window and cradled the girl like an infant, prepared to jump with her and sacrifice her body to soften the landing with hope into the boxes or hay below. Bianca took a deep breath and went for it…yet she was caught, and the shock she felt burst from her kneecap caused her to jolt and drop the girl from the window who wailed until a soft thud could be heard as she landed upon a box then rolled into the hay.


The pain was electrifying, literally and she gritted her teeth as the shock continued and looked down at Akidami who was grinning wickedly.


“One of your best investments yet Sultana…wouldn’t you agree?” he smirked nodding towards the gauntlet on his arm that lead to tubing that wrapped about his hand into a glove of hissing coils. Bianca couldn’t move, the pressure and pain began to cause her to go delirious for a moment as she laid half way out of the window breathing hoarsely.


Akidami stood like a towering Goliath above her and rubbed his nose proudly eying what he presumed his prize and victory. Bianca opened her left eye through the sweat and smirked a bit, her hand patting her torso to losen the breath behind it, as she shook her head weakly.


“Let…let this be the last time…you…get the pleasure of catching me off guard…” and with a sharp and speedy kick to his own kneecap, the giant dropped from his balance and feel a few boxes down with a mighty crash. The last bit of strength she had left, Bianca pulled herself into the window more until gravity took her to the boxes below, and there she rested, her final thought before the blackness…


“The death of Mondrago…has given birth…to a monster.”



Let the battle begin…

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  1. Yang Moreau Yang Moreau July 30, 2011

    ::Hono cracked his knuckles with a sigh:: My friend, Akidami… It would hurt me greatly to have to lift a hand to you, but if Bianca bids me to, I will not hesitate.

  2. Maddox Sinclaire Maddox Sinclaire July 30, 2011

    *Maddox shudders* No one should be treated this way. No one… Perhaps my new husband and I can be of some assistance.

    • Heliotrope Lionheart Heliotrope Lionheart July 30, 2011

      I’m with you, my sweet.

  3. Erehwon Yoshikawa Erehwon Yoshikawa August 2, 2011

    “Oh dear,” muttered Ereh, looking up from her novel. The hairs on the back of her neck were up and she instinctively checked behind herself. But nobody was there. 

    She went to her desk and composed a telegram for Bianca Namori in New Babbage. Her nerves were telling her that that boorish fool who claimed her for a wife was in the Steamlands, and only the Blessed Lady of Wisdom knew what mischief brought him there.

  4. Mr Underby Mr Underby August 3, 2011

    Megs finished her story, still chewing on the piece of ginger cookie as Underby scowled, staring at the ground.  It was much much worse than he had thought it would end up playing out.  He knew that damned Akidami was unhinged, but not this unhinged.

    Why oh why did this maniac need to start this now, with Tenk’s grip on this world so tenuous?

    “Did you hear me, Mr Underby?  She was hurt real bad.  Real bad.  And she’s a nice lady.”

    “Yes, I heard you.  Too well.  I will deal with this.”

    And it was true, he would.  Despite his promise to her that he would allow her to deal with this Old Country matter in her own way, that deal was now off the table.  Blood washed it away.  This man, if he could be called as much, would pay for daring to deal with his woman this way.  He would pay dearly.

    “Here’s a another of Maggie’s cookies, now off with you…”

    The child scampered off, Underby wiped his hands on his trousers and shook his head.  Is this what he had been reduced to, in the name of information?  Handing out cookies to children?

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