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The Badger’s Notes: disturbance

The Badger had made his rounds of the plant and burial grounds, the graves were quiet, though the cemetary as a whole seemed larger lately,  The Badger nodded to the girl playing around the gravestones as he climbed over the new fence that seemed to have replaced the old overnight and walked under the boards sealing off the plant. It was dark, with the only light coming from the remaining eel tank, a pile of Pengi lounging in the corner, surrounded by bottles of rum.  Unlike the clockworks in Clockhaven, the pengi didn’t have a strike, they just went on an apparant week long bender.

The Badger shook his head and went upstairs, there had been a slight disturbance, a coule of the books had apparantly exploded, most the loose pages were picked up by the maid, but there were still a couple showing up here and there.  lighting the lamp on the desk, nothing looked too out of sorts, He was about to leave when he heard what sounded like tinkering behind him, he turned to look just in time to see an image face away.  in the couple seconds he saw it, it looked like the boss working on something, but he was all glowing like a ghost.

The badger snorted, he’s been up too late these days, it was making him see things, He wandered back to his burrow, past the graveyard and nodded to Mac, leaning against the crypt.  He wa going to go to be early for once and swear off the rum…..maybe just a shot of rum…maybe just one bottle, couldn’t hurt.

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