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The Badger’s notes: cleanup

The Badger watched the Pengi board up the entrances to the plant until the doors could be repaired.  They had already cleaned up inside with Miss Gizzy overseeing that part, set the furniture that wasn’t broken back to rights, scrubbed the floor of the study, cleaned up as much of the blood and glowing fluid as they could.  Now, with 2 of the doors having floated down the canals and no word yet when they could be replaced, He had the pengi board up the lace, to keep the urchins out.  The remaining eel generator was brought ut of storage and the urcins were always too interested in trying to steal eels, despite the nasty electric shock they’d get (some were gettin wiser and bringing gloves made of indian rubber).

The Badger watched the Pengi work , neatening the place for the Boss’s return, when he saw someone tanding there near the graveyard also watching.

“you! this is private property!”

the raptor in the suit examined his claws “I had heard rumors that the man who ran this place has dissappeared, I assumed it would be up for sale”

“ee’s missing, not dead! ee does that sometimes, though usually ee tells us were he’d be goin, no, the plant is not up for sale Mr.”

“Dr. actually, Dr. Dinosaur, and you would be Lunch? “

The Badger bristeled “They call me The Badger, I’m the groundskeeper and Mr. Footman’s accountant,  ain’t noone’s lunch!”

Dr. Dinosaur nodded as he started to turn and walk away “I’m sure, anyway, we’ll see how long before it’s up for sale, a shame to let a location like this go to waste.  Good evening Mammal.”   

The Badger made a rude gesture as the raptor walked away. “now who the hell was that?  Dinosaurs now, what’s this town coming to?”


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  1. Cral Denimore Cral Denimore September 19, 2010

    Pffttt…Another of Footman’s messes that someone else has to clean up.  Such a misguided genius.  I could have told him that was one too many eels…

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