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The Aftermath

Research Journal entry, October 188_

As I sorted through the wreckage of the Resonator trying to find the cause of the accident I found the focus crystal in an odd state. Hours afterwards it was still warm to the touch and emitting a pale green glow.

The original intent was to open a portal to the faery veil and by drawing on the essence of the fey, cause them to be pulled through and banished from our world. With the Bones boys gone for the evening it seemed the perfect opportunity to test without tipping off any of the locals.

The outer ring will need to be recast and that may take a little time. The offending bolt that sheared has been inspected and not only will I no longer be purchasing from that supplier, they will be suffering a small warehouse pyrotechnic problem in the very near future.

The focus stone has seemingly contained something from either the portal or whatever it was drawing on here. Further tests on that will be needed.

The puzzling thing is the energy draw. Before it malfunctioned the Resonator started drawing on energy from something. As far as I know there were no fey in the area for it to focus on. Of course it’s hard to tell with the menagerie across the street. Sonnerstein is constantly being accused of vampirism but shows none of the signs; Skald is odd. Green skin is a dead giveaway but probably not fey. Yang is…Yang. Underby might look like an escapee from a mortuary but he seems human enough. The rest of the locals are human at least. And that goodie-two-shoes Duchess hasn’t been coming around suggesting I clean the place up of late. Hmph!

So what had the Resonator latched onto? Something under the Gut? Vestigial energies from the Cloud Angels? This would definitely take further investigation.

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  1. Emerson Lighthouse Emerson Lighthouse October 18, 2012

    *ponders the implications of this storyline*

  2. Christine McAllister Pearse Christine McAllister Pearse October 23, 2012

    *makes plans to soap more than the Professor’s windows for Halloween*


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