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The Adventures of Phineas Frakture – March Book Discussion at the R.F.Burton Library


“What if the Civil War never
happened? What if Queen Victoria was at odds with an Emperor named Ulysses S.
Grant? What if? This is the question that plagues one man on his journey to
discover his place in the universe. Should he sit by and let history take its
course or stand up and make his presence known, changing the outcome for the
better…or worse? Set in an alternate past of Victorian era Steampunk, The
Adventures of Phineas Frakture follows the title character through a myriad of
escapades involving mad scientists, monsters, and fantastic clockwork gadgets.”
Summary by Amazon

One reviewer posted this: 

“5.0 out of 5 stars

An excellent
adventure in a wonderous Steampunk setting

I had the pleasure of reading The
Adventures of Phineas Frakture on the website from which they are derived, and
found them to be quite enjoyable. Joseph Gatch does a phenomenal job of vividly
describing his vision for an alternate take on history where steam power reigns
supreme and airships soar the skies. Gatch has created a very likable character
in Phineas, and this book follows him through the course of four separate
adventures compiled into one exciting novel. Fans of science fiction and/or the
steampunk culture will feel right at home in Gatch’s high-tech alternative to
reality. A truly pleasurable read for any who enjoy a good work of fiction.”

Sounds good, right? 

Join us Saturday, March 22 at 2 pm slt at the Burton.

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