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The Adventures of Phineas Frakture Book Discussion (With Author!) at the R.F. Burton Library

Had a very enjoyable book discussion this afternoon with Emerson Lighthouse, Vernden Jervil, Sera, Bookworm Hienrichs AND Phineas Frakture himself (who was clutching his trademark cup of Starbucks, what a blast from our past!)

The every-other-month book discussions are really great fun. Smart and silly, brainstormy and enlightening. The seats are plush and the fire is crackling. Think about carving an hour out of a Saturday and joining us next time. We’d love to hear your thoughts. Check the R.F. Burton sidewalk signboard for info on the next discussion. See ya then!

Here’s the transcript from today’s chatter. I’ll also be archiving this at the Mary Read Stealing er I mean Lending Library on the Scoundrel Fleet’s island in Blake Bay.

Sera: How is everyone?
Vernden Jervil: doing well
Ceejay Writer: Wonderful! Having quite a good day and hope others are too.
Sera: Glad to hear!
Vernden Jervil: Anything new in Babbage
Bookworm Hienrichs: Well, the Oiling Festival is still going on.
Sera: Welcome sir!
Bookworm Hienrichs: Mr. Frakture! Lovely to see you!
Ceejay Writer: QUICK BREW COFFEE er Hi Sir!
Phineas Frakture: good afternoon…nice to see you all
Bookworm Hienrichs holds up her hands and grins. “No rifle.”
Ceejay Writer: It really is good to see you – been too long!
Phineas Frakture: still trying to get my 2L legs back….can’t remember all the commands :)
Bookworm Hienrichs chuckles.
Ceejay Writer: It’s been a rapldly changing grid the past year, will warn ya!
Phineas Frakture: love the poster outside
Sera: Nice picture, hey?
Phineas Frakture: catches my good side :)
Ceejay Writer: And you are the largest object in the photo. As per specs, right?
Phineas Frakture: of course
Phineas Frakture: had to stop and take a promo pic
Ceejay Writer: …. every five minutes, but who’s counting?
Ceejay Writer: Emmy! Howdy!
Bookworm Hienrichs: Good day, Mr. Lighthouse!
Sera: Howdy Emerson
Vernden Jervil: Hello Emerson
Emerson Lighthouse: Afternoon Ceej
Phineas Frakture: afternoon, Emerson
Emerson Lighthouse: Miss Hienrichs – a pleasure
Bookworm Hienrichs: Oh, wait–isn’t having Emerson and Phineas in the same room like having matter and anti-matter together?
Bookworm Hienrichs: Ahh, well–what could possibly go wrong?
Emerson Lighthouse: Afternoon Phineas
Vernden Jervil: I wondered about that
Phineas Frakture: we might have to expand the walls a bit
Ceejay Writer: Its more a notion of how many overinflated egos can fit in one finite space, I think.
Sera scoots her chair back, waiting
Emerson Lighthouse: My ego is maleable
Phineas Frakture: I’ll keep mine set at low
Sera: Ready to begin?
Emerson Lighthouse: my pose is pondering
Ceejay Writer: Your pose is showing off his leg
Phineas Frakture: which artery would you like to cut first?
Ceejay Writer: Ready as I get! I WILL confess up front I have a wee bit of book left to read. According to my Kindle I am at 91%.
Emerson Lighthouse: I work out Ceejay – I have a right to pose
Sera eyebrows
Ceejay Writer: I was born buff, I have a right to be smug as you work out.
Emerson Lighthouse: Ha – I beat you I’m into the Princess of Atlantis
Ceejay Writer grumps
Emerson Lighthouse: wishing I could read faster
Ceejay Writer: Best take it away, Sera!
Phineas Frakture: I never read it, myself
Ceejay Writer snorts. Can you even read, Phineas?
Emerson Lighthouse: I think he is smart
Phineas Frakture: I have people to do that for me now
Ceejay Writer: Professor and such, actually.
Sera: There are 5 adventures in the book
Sera: or 4 1/2
Ceejay Writer: I’m knee deep in Whitecastle at the moment
Sera: Why don’t we start there, then?
Bookworm Hienrichs: Can I order hamburgers, Ceejay?
Bookworm Hienrichs grins.
Emerson Lighthouse: Whitecastle…
Emerson Lighthouse snickers
Sera: ((good catch, Book.))
Ceejay Writer: *winks*
Ceejay Writer: Figure Phin’s sidekick will be looking for a sack of sliders soon
Phineas Frakture: I miss sliders
Sera: Ditto
Ceejay Writer: I kinda do too.
Sera: What did you think of this adventure? The Terror of Dr. Molondi?
Phineas Frakture: be honest…I need feedback
Bookworm Hienrichs: The loading of references to the classics was very amusing. *grin*
Sera: I agree Book. What fun!
Ceejay Writer: I think the writing is very snappy and just the right amount of snark.
Emerson Lighthouse: Drat – I am still only half through the Princess of Atlantis
Phineas Frakture: I did that on purpose, I wasn’t sure if I’d be writing another
Emerson Lighthouse looks around to copy off someone’s notes
Ceejay Writer: Also, the slightly modern comments and cultural references are a hoot
Sera: I loved the throwaway references to the classics. Made me feel smart
Phineas Frakture: did you get the Time Machine reference? everyone misses that
Ceejay Writer: Even though I haven’t yet finished, am in total giggle fits over the random crossovering with a classic vampire tale.
Vernden Jervil: The blue box?
Ceejay Writer: I did! I got that.
Sera: Yes! me so smart.
Phineas Frakture: HG Wells
Ceejay Writer: And the Abney Park reference was funny.
Bookworm Hienrichs: Yeah, I saw that.
Sera: Yes!
Bookworm Hienrichs: And yes, Abney Park made me laugh out loud.
Ceejay Writer: I do love that you don’t take everything SO seriously that you can’t make it all fun
Phineas Frakture: Partially to get my editor in trouble, she edits at work
Vernden Jervil: I know an editor who works like that
Ceejay Writer: Send me her address, I want to send her chocolates and condolances.
Ceejay Writer: Editing is big work.
Phineas Frakture: they do a great job for a company that’s only two years old
Sera: I also enjoyed how Phineas left the evil Doctor for the authorities. It’s not how evil madmen want to be captured, I would guess.
Ceejay Writer: Bravo!
Emerson Lighthouse: wow = I hadn’t realized they were that recent
Bookworm Hienrichs: I have to admit, there are things in there that made my inner grammarian wince.
Bookworm Hienrichs: But heck, I see that in books published by the larger companies, too.
Emerson Lighthouse: like discombobulator rifles?
Bookworm Hienrichs: Oh, I figured that was deliberate.
Phineas Frakture: you should see it before editing…I’m getting better
Emerson Lighthouse: it made me laugh
Ceejay Writer: See, with Victorian-speak, the rules are SO different
Ceejay Writer: If you stay consistent at least, you can get away with a lot.
Bookworm Hienrichs: Well, even in Victorian times, one does not diffuse a bomb.
Phineas Frakture: that’s one of the hard parts, coming up with steampunk names for things
Bookworm Hienrichs chuckles.
Vernden Jervil: Nods personally I have little issue with using modern speech in a different time
Ceejay Writer: Book, you do if you defuse it WRONG
Sera: Rimshot
Bookworm Hienrichs: True–thankfully, he didn’t.
Bookworm Hienrichs chuckles.
Ceejay Writer: You use phrases like ‘we’re screwed’, and in the context of Phin’s already akilter world, I can accept it.
Bookworm Hienrichs: And yes, people of our–oh, how to put it–our interests, age group, set… we’re more used to that than others might be.
Emerson Lighthouse: I don’t mind modern language in period pieces
Emerson Lighthouse: when they were written the language was modern
Vernden Jervil: agrees, as long as you are somewhat consistent .
Emerson Lighthouse: true
Ceejay Writer: Basically, it’s Big Fun With Anachronisms
Ceejay Writer: But yes- stay true adn consistent and you can set your own standards
Ceejay Writer: We choose if they are fun for us or not
Ceejay Writer: Judging by your Amazon numbers, apparently people find it fun. How’s your ranking about now?
Phineas Frakture: in the US, I’m in the 100,000’s over all I think…maybe 2’s
Emerson Lighthouse: How long does it take you to write a story of 12 chapters, Phineas?
Phineas Frakture: out of the top 100 steampunk
Phineas Frakture: I do a chapter a week
Phineas Frakture: the best I ranked was #19 in the UK
Bookworm Hienrichs: Nice!
Emerson Lighthouse: really nice
Sera: Considering how many books there are to choose from, yes it is
Ceejay Writer: A chapter a week is a lofty AND reachable goal.
Phineas Frakture: and for those (not Ceejay) who see me on facebook, I had a free week on Amazon in january where I went #1 worldwide
Sera: Wow
Ceejay Writer: That was exciting! (yes we are FB friends as our real selves)
Vernden Jervil: A couple people passed the word around in world when you did that
Phineas Frakture: I drive people nuts with standings when they’re up
Ceejay Writer: It’s a fun thing if an author is able to do that, really gives a huge boost to getting your name known.
Emerson Lighthouse: It was a really good idea
Ceejay Writer: I’m in FB for only two reasons, really. One is Family and we won’t talkabout that train wreck. The other is my writer community. I love to see you go statistics nuts.
Ceejay Writer: Have you mentioned your work in the Steampunk My Kindle FB group?
Phineas Frakture: my publisher said I had the most downloads for the company…was proud of that
Ceejay Writer: Wonderful!
Phineas Frakture: I’ll have to find that group…never knew it was there
Sera: Well you should be, Phineas.
Ceejay Writer: Its a fun one to follow – I’ve learned of some good titles there.
Emerson Lighthouse looks for it now
Sera: ditto
Sera: Back to the book: First adventure — what did you all think?
Phineas Frakture: one of my favorites is Mark Hodder…I had ranked next to him at one point and was excited, then went ballistic when I passed him.
Emerson Lighthouse: First adventure was a lot of fun
Phineas Frakture: it’s a head rush I never expected
Emerson Lighthouse: I’m two and a half into it but so far it is my favourite
Phineas Frakture: The first, I thought was my weakest
Ceejay Writer: first was an overwhelming, interesting introduction to the main characters and the setting. Was a good wallow.
Phineas Frakture: glad to see that people liked that one
Emerson Lighthouse: I liked that it was an onslought of action
Ceejay Writer: Most first stories are still scrambling for their feet. But you leaned towards a LOT of character explanation, so that went over fine for me.
Emerson Lighthouse: The only thing that threw me was that Phineas was younger than what I imagined for a professor
Vernden Jervil: Yes I think it usually fun just to have characters run around for a bit and see what they do
Emerson Lighthouse: but that is my bias
Emerson Lighthouse: as an old professor
Bookworm Hienrichs chuckles.
Ceejay Writer: Well, I think of him as an Indy Jones sort. The young-buck prof that everyone fears and crushes on.
Phineas Frakture: In his world, prodigys abound, they’re much smarter then usual
Sera: Lincoln going insane after death of wife was an interesting twist and it sets up the alternate US government in the book
Emerson Lighthouse: I liked that too, Sera
Ceejay Writer: *nods* I haven’t the guts to establish an alternate US. Am impressed at the accomplishment.
Bookworm Hienrichs: And having him elected earlier was interesting, too.
Bookworm Hienrichs: Makes one see that the differences go farther back.
Phineas Frakture: I actually got a bad review about that…I don’t think he was too much into alternate history
Bookworm Hienrichs: On Goodreads? Or elsewhere?
Vernden Jervil: If you make the US anything other than perfect, you will get some complaints these days
Phineas Frakture: goodreads, i think…he also mentioned Tesla, which I touch upon in the third book
Sera: You moved quickly from the probability of the real Lincoln going insane so readers accept it and don’t stop on that point. Or most readers, apparently
Bookworm Hienrichs: Yeah, I saw that one.
Ceejay Writer: That may be the key – state it – move on. *tries to learn*
Bookworm Hienrichs: Which was why I made my point about the language anachronisms.
Bookworm Hienrichs: ‘Cause I know he complained about those, too.
Emerson Lighthouse: I wonder if the criticism stems from politics. Not being American I probably can’t appreciate the issue to the same degree
Ceejay Writer: Interesting point. And I swear I keep forgetting you aren’t American
Phineas Frakture: could be, the book seems to do better in the UK and Germany
Vernden Jervil puts a moose hat on Emerson to help Ceejay
Sera chuckles
Emerson Lighthouse throws a hockey puck at Vernden
Ceejay Writer snickers
Sera: What about William with the Dolonite growth thingy? Did you all like how that played out?
Ceejay Writer: I normally don’t pick up alternate politicial history books. I’d rather have it be an incidental side notion.
Emerson Lighthouse: I liked the William character in general
Bookworm Hienrichs: Definitely looking forward to seeing how that plays out in future stories.
Ceejay Writer: I was intrigued that he keeps having issues with his time with the Dolonites. It carries with him, for life.
Emerson Lighthouse: at first I thought he would be a throw-away character for some reason
Emerson Lighthouse: but then he stuck around and grew on me
Ceejay Writer: I thought he was doomed!
Sera: And I agree with you, Ceejay. If the book is character or plot driven, I can tolerate the political stuff
Vernden Jervil: Yes the sidekick is needed . I fear Phineas would forget his shoes without help
Bookworm Hienrichs: William’s definitely the Everyman of the group. Or, to be more modern, the Xander.
Phineas Frakture: William seems to have become a favorite…
Ceejay Writer: We can’t have Phineas being completely fully competent, AND smart, AND solving all the adventures.
Ceejay Writer: Being perfect = annoying
Vernden Jervil: agrees
Emerson Lighthouse laughs – ‘the Xander’
Bookworm Hienrichs grins.
Ceejay Writer: Marty Stu.
Sera laughs
Ceejay Writer: Being ALMOST stunningly perfect but in need of a friends network to REALLY manage… much more interesting.
Phineas Frakture: I try to have them bash Phineas as much as possible to point out his flaws
Ceejay Writer: I will admit I did want to throttle him for not listening to what was up while he was studying the clockworks in Atlantis.
Sera: but it was funny
Ceejay Writer: Normal guy would go ‘wait what whoa? Are these vows? Let’s pause and discuss”
Phineas Frakture: shiny moving things
Ceejay Writer: It was – but in the interest of honesty, it crept dangerously close to sitcom-ville. Not quite, but brushed its hem
Phineas Frakture: I had trouble trying to be convincing with keeping him oblivious
Ceejay Writer: Its a writer’s challenge! you bit off a big premise there.
Ceejay Writer: you managed it. I’m just saying it was skirting the edge!
Emerson Lighthouse: I like how he argued that he alone destroyed the dolonites – even though Abigail was there
Ceejay Writer: As a writer, you have to dive for those challenges. Otherwise, readers just get mundane stuff time and time again
Sera: The relationship between Abigail and Phineas develops through the story. Enough to keep their relationship dynamic
Sera: but it doesn’t turn into a dopey romance
Ceejay Writer: They are the Moonlighting couple of the Steampunk universe.
Vernden Jervil: just need some door slamming
Ceejay Writer: Please don’t let them finally settle down and then…. BABY TIME!
Bookworm Hienrichs laughs.
Ceejay Writer: If you do, I will give you a large sea-fence for your shark to jump.
Phineas Frakture: no baby time…promise
Vernden Jervil: that would be awful out of theme
Ceejay Writer: Bless you sir. (and as you can tell by our comments, we DO want more)
Phineas Frakture: I suck at the romantic writing, so there won’t be much of that
Emerson Lighthouse: unless it is a zombie baby
Ceejay Writer: Leave that for Emerson, he thinks he does that well.
Sera: oo! Zombies!
Sera: grrrr grrrrr
Phineas Frakture: there’s zombies in Steam Wars: America…briefly
Ceejay Writer: argh
Ceejay Writer: Zombies are quite all right.
Emerson Lighthouse: are you saying I am not a romantic Ceejay
Vernden Jervil: nice people really
Phineas Frakture: just hungry
Ceejay Writer: I never uttered those words, Emerson. Ever!
Emerson Lighthouse: ;-)
Ceejay Writer: *whistles*
Ceejay Writer: (Emerson is actually an amazingly brilliant writer. There I said it)
Bookworm Hienrichs: Speaking of zombies…
Vernden Jervil: Did Ceejay just say something?
Vernden Jervil loosk around
Ceejay Writer: Newp.
Bookworm Hienrichs: I do like how you subverted some of the standard tropes for this area of literature–Atlantis, mummies, etc.
Ceejay Writer: It is fun to take a trope-romp, in the hands of a good writer.
Phineas Frakture: I love Egyptian history, so had to throw in a mummy
Sera: Steamhotep! Now that’s a movie to be made! Cogs and rotten bits
Bookworm Hienrichs: The mummy story actually reminded me a bit of ‘The Mummy!: A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century,’ which also subverted the mummy trope… before there was one, since it was written in 1827.
Bookworm Hienrichs grins.
Sera: I didn’t know that, Book
Ceejay Writer: I didn’t either! Making a note.
Phineas Frakture: I’ll have to find that one
Bookworm Hienrichs: It’s quite an interesting book, actually. Written by a woman, probably in response to Franekstein.
Bookworm Hienrichs: Speculative future, sympathetic mummy, fairly feminist…
Sera adds the title to her list
Bookworm Hienrichs: *Frankenstein.
Bookworm Hienrichs thwaps her fingers.
Phineas Frakture: the story took a turn from what I originally planned- ancient mummy taking over the world, type…I had a thought that the curse was his and not a warning to others
Vernden Jervil: shall we be returning to steam egypt?
Ceejay Writer: I appreciated the path it took.
Bookworm Hienrichs: Yes, that was definitely left hanging! I want to see what happens to Egypt now.
Bookworm Hienrichs chcukels.
Phineas Frakture: I do mention it briefly in The Terror…
Bookworm Hienrichs chuckles, too.
Sera: I liked steam egypt — it was a good tale. The Heart of Ra
Ceejay Writer: So, how DO you, as an author, keep track of all your dangling plots and possible future twists?
Bookworm Hienrichs: That story made me wonder, Phineas, how far back you envision this alternate history – and what triggers it?
Phineas Frakture: pure luck….sonetimes I forget about some things and have to scurry to wrap them up.
Phineas Frakture: I go into a description at the end of the second book about how it all diverges
Bookworm Hienrichs: Ooooh. I look forward to reading that!
Phineas Frakture: eary in the 1830’s I think
Bookworm Hienrichs: But how does one get Steamhotep in ancient Egypt?
Phineas Frakture: though Steamhotep is sort of a precursor to it all
Phineas Frakture: the seed was there, but it never grew
Bookworm Hienrichs: Interesting.
Ceejay Writer: I think you’ll need to write with Bookworm as your star to reach for, Phin.
Phineas Frakture: which is why Phineas and Steamhotep were like kindred spirits
Phineas Frakture: she’d shoot me eventually
Bookworm Hienrichs laughs.
Ceejay Writer wonders what a Phineas/Bookworm collaboration would look like
Ceejay Writer: And yes – she would!
Emerson Lighthouse: How do you find promoting yourself, Phineas
Emerson Lighthouse: do you go to a lot of conventions
Phineas Frakture: I was at Chicago comicon last year…one of my dreams from my comic book days…so that bucket list is checked off…other than that, I have just been plugging on facebook groups
Ceejay Writer: does the FB promo feel successful?
Ceejay Writer: I’m sorta pondering what I want to do that way in the future, too
Emerson Lighthouse: do you have a ready link for that?
Vernden Jervil: I was almost at that comiccon but life interfered
Phineas Frakture: it does boost sales a bit, I post a link on all the steampunk pages every few weeks
Phineas Frakture: CC was a blast, didn’t have time to see anyone, but autographed enough books to keep me happy
Sera: That’s great! What a cool experience
Ceejay Writer: Autographing even one book would be amazing. So glad you had that experience!
Phineas Frakture: This is more a hobby than a possible career, I’m just glad my publisher decided to add paperbacks to their agenda
Vernden Jervil: I was considering whining Ceejay ‘read my book..pweease?’
Bookworm Hienrichs chuckles.
Ceejay Writer: *grins*
Phineas Frakture: I’ve tried that
Ceejay Writer: I CAN be bribed.
Phineas Frakture: throwing it at people works too
Ceejay Writer: I believe I also owe Phineas a book review at when I finish that last bit.
Phineas Frakture: there goes my career
Bookworm Hienrichs snerks.
Ceejay Writer: There’s goodreads, and consider netgalley too – it’s a good clearing house for authors to hook up with reviewers.
Ceejay Writer: Send me coffee and no one gets hurt.
Phineas Frakture: starbucks or caribou?
Ceejay Writer: Neither.
Ceejay Writer: Local homeroasts!
Phineas Frakture: cheap walmart it is then
Vernden Jervil: ack ceejay will wither an seek revenge
Bookworm Hienrichs: I’ll be posting a review on Goodreads. Got the stars up, but I want to write something, too.
Sera: Same here
Ceejay Writer: BAH. “Dear Readers. Use his book as a tableleg-shim and pick up the latest Sparkly Vampire book”
Bookworm Hienrichs laughs.
Phineas Frakture: and amazon, please, I’m 3 away from topping my editor’s book reviews
Ceejay Writer: Goodreads is social media-y too, so perhaps work it as you do FB
Phineas Frakture: I like goodreads, very honest and open there…amazon is suposed to be buying them though
Vernden Jervil: I could use a tableleg shim
Ceejay Writer: I always crosspost my reviews to the amazon link too!
Phineas Frakture: So, give me the worst….where can I improve in my writing
Emerson Lighthouse: I need to start reviewing
Emerson Lighthouse: i read enough
Emerson Lighthouse: and I am opinionatyed
Sera: I do read reviews before deciding to start a book, I admit.
Sera: Don’t want to waste my money or my time
Emerson Lighthouse: I often read reviews after I finish a book
The Magestic (banker.ibor) shouts: here comes trolly
Emerson Lighthouse: \that seems backwards
Ceejay Writer: Advice I’ve given out a lot lately, and I will give to you too. As a worldbuilder, it’s on you to make us fully accept your reality. Add in more details of the sort that we all take for granted in OUR reality. Cultural references. Music. Entertainment. News. Thread these things through so we see the details of your world.
Bookworm Hienrichs: I would imagine that’s one of the hardest things to do.
Sera nods. That’s good, Ceejay
Ceejay Writer: It IS hard and it’s something I have to remind myself of, too.
Ceejay Writer: But you want us to feel as if we
Ceejay Writer: ve tumbled in and are really there.
Ceejay Writer: With all our senses.
Ceejay Writer: you really do have us hooked. Hook us DEEPER
Phineas Frakture: yes, I lose sight of that and have to remind constantly
Ceejay Writer: Its such a temptation to rush ahead to the next big highlight, or some clever bit wecan’t wait to show off.
Ceejay Writer: but little details have such charm.
Phineas Frakture: the second book deals with Phineas mostly, you don’t see the others until the third story
Ceejay Writer: Well, he IS the star. I don’t see that as a problem if it’s not him only in every book
Phineas Frakture: it follows him around the world as he tries to get home and get William a cure
Phineas Frakture: while saving the world, of course
Phineas Frakture: which he does poorly
Bookworm Hienrichs: I have to admit, I’m wanting to know who’d win in a knock-down, drag-out fight, William or Hyde.
Bookworm Hienrichs grins.
Sera: Book! I am shocked! *laughs*
Ceejay Writer: Hee!
Bookworm Hienrichs chuckles.
Phineas Frakture: I would go with William on that one…maybe in Phineas Celebrity Match UP
Ceejay Writer: Beyond SteamThunderDome.
Sera: Looking at the time and wanting to respect everyone’s real life, is there anything we left out? Anything you’d like to say?
Sera: About the book I mean
Emerson Lighthouse: Entertaining read, thank you
Phineas Frakture: no holds barred
Ceejay Writer: I’df really like to thank Phineas for actually coming to a gathering where people are talking about something he labored over. Well done, sir.
Emerson Lighthouse: agreed – thanks for coming
Phineas Frakture: i was hesitant, but curious
Vernden Jervil: Yes glad you made it
Sera: It was enjoyable, honestly. As a book artist, I do NOT want a kindle, but I found myself racing through the book
Sera: on my pc
Ceejay Writer: Was really hoping you would. You’re one of my writer friends, and that means you are special.
Phineas Frakture: I haven’t been here in so long
Sera: It was great to meet you and to hear you talk about the book
Ceejay Writer: It has been a while! Would love to see you stop in more, but totally understand time and priorities and all the things.
Bookworm Hienrichs: What Ceejay said.
Phineas Frakture: thank you all…it always gives me a perk to get new feedback
Ceejay Writer: Would you be all right with our chat from today being archived?
Vernden Jervil: of course
Phineas Frakture: I was going to ask you how to save this…can you send it to me when you have it?
Ceejay Writer: I sure can.
Phineas Frakture: nice
Sera: Ceejay, are you going to post it to the ning?
Ceejay Writer: I run ANOTHER library off in the Blake Sea, and it has a shelf with room for literary transcripts, I’d love to tuck it in there with a link to Amazon for people to find your book.
Ceejay Writer: I can if you like, Sera.
Sera: Or I can, it’s your idea
Ceejay Writer: I don’t show up at the BAR often, might be good to remind people I exist!
Emerson Lighthouse: Ceejay – post a LM to your library
Bookworm Hienrichs nods.
Ceejay Writer: I’ll be out of town tomorrow and Monday, but can post Tuesday.
Sera: That works for me, Ceejay. thanks
Ceejay Writer: Mary Read Pirate Library Blake Bay (185,164,21)
Phineas Frakture: and if you’re on facebook, stop in at my page – The Adventures of Phineas Frakture for updates and see the cover of the next book
Emerson Lighthouse: Thanks -I’m lazy with searches
Sera: Will do!
Emerson Lighthouse bookmarks
Ceejay Writer: Threw LMs at you all.
Sera: Next book discussion: May 10 okay?
Ceejay Writer: Should be fine!
Emerson Lighthouse: sounds good Sera
Sera: Following Junie’s suggestion of 2nd or 4th Saturday
Sera: Okay, great
Emerson Lighthouse: Did we pick one yet?
Sera: Nope. I had those 4 ideas but I am open for suggestion
Ceejay Writer: I have chosen TOO many times, I defer to others!
Vernden Jervil: I thought I had an idea, but does not seem to be coming to mind now
Emerson Lighthouse: From the list Nimbus looks good
Vernden Jervil: Nimbus looks possibly interesting
Sera: So okay to go with that one?
Emerson Lighthouse nods
Sera: Great
Sera: thanks everyone for another lively discussion.
Ceejay Writer: (thats the one I wanted, hah)
Sera: And thank you, Phineas, for coming
Phineas Frakture: and thank you all for reading!

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