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The Addlebrass Affair Timeline

((An OOC post intended to offer a cohesive diagram of what may or may not actually be construed as a unified story. While it is largely recorded here, much of this reflects off-the-cuff inworld RP [eg. the Clockhaven Border Gunfight] as well as detailed story planning.

The Addlebrass Affair Timeline:

As things have gotten a bit scattered, it may seem hard to comprehend the links between all the stories connected with the Addlebrass Affair. Originally Garnet Psaltery’s project, it has expanded to include the frayed ends of at least one other story, and may be difficult to sort out in its current state.

Here is offered a basic timeline including everything specifically related to this story, including mention in other blogs and images, particularly Mr Arnold’s Journal. No one can guarantee that any of this can be followed, even with a roadmap, and suspension of disbelief way require some pretty heavy levitation. [In other words, be prepared to step over a few  gaping plot holes.] But it can be said that there is a point to all this, and whether that comes through or not, there is certainly some fun in here.

Consider also that this storyline is ongoing, and while Garnet and Dee have both gotten quite busy lately, others are involved and all are welcome to join in.

Though the story is introduced earlier, it may be useful to have some clarification of Dollianna’s involvement [an examination of misconception multiplication], owing to parts of her story pre-existing and not as yet recorded on the Reader:

Apparently convinced that she is an alien outlaw hiding out on Earth possessing the body of a clockwork dolly, Dollianna’s story begins for us when she accepts assignment as an assassin for a local coal merchant named Mason Fitzsimmons who is annoyed with an effort to extract maximum efficiency from coal power [a separate story presently on hold] motivated by interest in environmental preservation. At first, she is able to determine only that a small shipping company is moving pipe for the project, in the persons of Leeward Cooper and Alowishus Bligh, using a schooner called the Tea Hag.

She begins tracking them by tricking a Royal Navy smuggling and piracy investigator to gain access to their route planning.

Finally making contact with them in heavy seas off a small island, she is involved in a ridiculous and mostly futile attempt at combat between herself with her small scow, and Cooper & Bligh with their larger—at least partly armed—schooner [in this rare instance mostly laden with a legitimate tea consignment].

With almost no effort and unnecessarily boisterous laughter from Cooper, Dollianna is almost immediately sent to the bottom. Alowishus expresses regret that she couldn’t somehow have been saved, but the men quickly become too busy to argue over it as the wind intensity increases and the seas become most angry and violent. Soon they are in serious peril of their own.

Meanwhile, being a clockwork doll, Dollianna simply [though with some considerable effort and a continuous spew of horrendous cursing] walks ashore. She reaches the beach in time to witness the Tea Hag strike a submerged obstacle and roll part-way over, obviously taking a large breach to her hull. Bligh and Cooper have but a few moments to make the decisions alluded to in The Unexpected Guest before the ship rolls over, the large gash allowing the air to escape easily forcing the vessel’s stern to rise rapidly. Almost at once the Tea Hag slips beneath the waves, apparently taking both men with her.

Dollianna wanders about the island for days struggling to find parts and pieces to fashion some method of returning to New Babbage—to seek both Fitzsimmons and his payment for the task the sea performed brutally on her behalf.

During her search she discovers a gang of fairly nasty yet embarrassingly inept villains who appear to have kidnapped New Babbage tea importer Albert Addlebrass thinking he is someone else.

Observing surreptitiously, she determines that they are determined to extract from him the whereabouts of some form of idol called a Gold Sheep, which she reasons must be their confused interpretation of ‘Golden Fleece.’ She then realizes that her spaceship is called Golan’s Fees and that they must be referring to it, evidently after the technology in its instrumentation, or the materials used in its hull construction, or some other such valuable commodity; most likely on behalf of someone a great deal more intellectually adept than themselves.

It seems obvious to her that Addlebrass may reveal to them the secret of her origin along with the location of the remains of her ship, yet she is unconcerned as their incompetence will surely keep her secret safe. As long as Addlebrass finishes here he is no threat to her, and she expects him to do just that in his present state of poor health.

Leaving them to do as they will with Addlebrass, she steals a boat and makes her way back to New Babbage, unaware that she has been observed throughout and is now being followed.

 The story is chronicled on the reader as follows:

Utterly Without Cake

 Yard Takeover

Peril in Sight – and Still no Cake

Intermission at Sea

Bright Sun and Shadows

(The above Dollianna synposis would bring us to here.)

Mr. Addlebrass Returns

The Bomb Is Building Itself

Bridging The Intelligence Gap

The Zombiefication of a Yorkshireman

The Unexpected Guest

The Plasticity Possibility

Fireworks Are Early This Year

Roise An Shoine

Arnold’s journal: A very busy day


Indecision In The Shadows

Take Two

An Audience In An Alleyway

The Private Journal of Albert Addlebrass. Entry 18th October


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  1. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery October 18, 2012

    Many thanks, Miss Wells.  I do find myself a little confused as to events on occasion.  Goodness, have we written so much already?

  2. Glaubrius Valeska Glaubrius Valeska October 19, 2012

    An impressive compendium!

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