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The Academy Terror – World Zombie Day 2010

The opening of Academy of Industry came at a time when something terrible happened in New Babbage…

…due to the experiments of one Grendel Footman an epidemic spread throughout the length and breadth of this fine city.  An epidemic of such proportions that people like Miss Bergamasco and Dr Watson became infected.

This epidemic was cured a few days later, but the bulk of these…undead and decayed beings…came from Academy.  The major spawning point of these foul creatures was centered around Brunel Hall ((well…be kind of hard not to be since the place is now massive :p ))

It is now one year on, the proprietor of the Hotel, a one Mr Victor “Im not a timelord” Mornington has been hearing scratching noises eminating from the 2 solid metres of hardened limestone foundations he built the hotel on.

…is it a sign of another impending zombie plague?

…is he going insane and imagining it all?

Join us in the Bar Lounge of Brunel Hall, to celebrate World Zombie Day 2010, and to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the Zombie Undead Hoarde Epidemic of New Babbage!

DJ: Blackberry Harvey

((The hotel will be boarded up as Mr Mornington will infact be expecting another zombie plague, the run up to this mini story line will kick off on the opening of the updated “Dino Museum” next to city hall, we’ll work it in a way that folks can attend the party as zombies if they wish!))

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