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Tesla predicts the Future…

Today the most civilized countries of the world spend a maximum of their income on war and a minimum on education. The twenty-first century will reverse this order. It will be more glorious to fight against ignorance than to die on the field of battle. The discovery of a new scientific truth will be more important than the squabbles of diplomats. Even the newspapers of our own day are beginning to treat scientific discoveries and the creation of fresh philosophical concepts as news. The newspapers of the twenty-first century will give a mere “stick” in the back pages to accounts of crime or political controversies, but will headline on the front pages the proclamation of a new scientific hypothesis.

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  1. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein July 18, 2012

    It would be nice though, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately the general populace seems to prefer sensationalism of bad news to good news and enlightening advances. The papers will print what sells, sadly.

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