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Telegraph line going up in the Fells

Aviators take note. 

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  1. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery April 28, 2013

    This looks like progress for the world of communications.

  2. Elina Koskinen Elina Koskinen April 28, 2013

    Finally :)

    (Worth it to mention the lack of poles at that meeting, it seems ::::DDDDD)

  3. Cleetus O'Reatus Cleetus O'Reatus April 29, 2013

    It be about friggin’ time I tells ya. Me littlest brother Joey and his mate, Larna Babbitt’s boy Bobby, done built themselves a single needle receiver darn near two years ago. And he bin jest waitin’ all this time fer the oppertunity ta sets up a telegraph office at the train stop by the Curdles Junction. It be a cryin’ shame that poor Bobby Babbitt got himself killed last fall when that meteorite struck ‘im dead. He was a right nice boy that Bobby Babbitt.

  4. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh April 30, 2013

    Oy’m wonderin’ when th’ first giant dirigible will catch a wire an’ KABOOM!

  5. Jedburgh30 Dagger Jedburgh30 Dagger April 30, 2013

    Poor planning.  They should have followed the right of way for the railroad.

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk April 30, 2013

      you don’t expect them to go in the tunnel, do you? there might be giant black worms hiding in there.

      • Pilipo Underwood Pilipo Underwood April 30, 2013

        … searches under his bed for his Maker Hooks.

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