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Tales from New Babbage audio broadcast @ 7pm

Tonight at 7pm on Radio Riel Steampunk – the holiday edition of Tales from New Babbage. Come to the Gangplank to graze your way through the left overs while listening with your friends or tune in on your bild platform

This edition features:

Bianca Namori – King Winter

Loki Eliot – Billy’s Santa Claus Experience, by Cornelia Redmond

Amadeus Hammerer – Knecht Ruprecht, by Theodor Storm

Victor1st Mornington – The Tale of the Goblins that Stole a Sexton, by Charles Dickens

Tepic Harlequin – Three of a Trade, of, Little Red Kriss Kringle, by Fitz-James O’Brien

Original music arrangements by Canolli Capalini, one which was released this morning.

An actual german Edison recording from 1907.

and special thanks to MichaelD Mannonen for stepping in with the outro annoucements at the very last minute, and Gabrielle Riel for sliding it into tonight’s programming.

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