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Swimming with …..wolves?

March 188x

But for the fact that I am now drenched courtesy of the still icey waters of the Wheatstones Canals, I would be moved to go out in search of the howler.

I have no other name for the beast, as I have on more than one occasion now heard his lamentous howl carried on the city’s wind.

As it happened, on this day I was dedicated to learning the whereabouts of a building in this southern portion of the city called “Wheatstone” when, unexpectedly I did trigger the raising of a certain bridge I stood upon. In my unpreparedness I fell into the canals beneath. Thank the builder the ice had thawed and I am a well skilled swimmer or I fear the outcome of that tumble .

While under that icy dimness however, I did hear the howling of the evening at the Gangplank, and along the route to Dr. Sonnerstein’s; louder, with an unnatural echo that I at first attributed only to the sound being heard through the waters. Then I looked about me and did find a series of tunnels through which the canal waters seem to pass. This series of chambers doubtless served to magnify the howling by echoing and yet I am certain that as I swam it did rise in closeness, so much so that I feared the beast might indeed emerge from the the watery darkeness surrounding me.

Some search must be undertaken for this creature, as it seems there are ways and channels unsuspected that *any* living thing might travel.

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs March 20, 2013

    Don’t worry, Mr. Blackwell–a dunking in the sewers is a necessary rite of passage in New Babbage. *grin*

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