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Sushi to go

Hally had never visited the port in Clockhaven before and had been rather surprised to find a wooden barge of some kind floating in the bay.  She couldn’t tell if it was a Japanese or Chinese construction, but closer inspection made it look as if it was open for business.  

 The proprietor was a strange man called Yang Moreau, and he lived up to his last name though she couldn’t identify his species.  Neither could he, claiming he was human with bad ‘hypertrichosis’ and deformed ears and mouth.  His denial was so precious she couldn’t help but smile.  She almost wished she could keep a tiny version of him under her bed and feed it cedar chips or something.

They soon started discussing her favorite topic while she ordered a meal to go, exotic pets that he might have seen in his travels in Japan.  While he expertly prepared her food, he regaled her with tales of strange beasts called Yokai and monsters.  

She expressed her interest in owning such a wonderful and exotic creatures, be they plant or animal, but Mr. Moreau told her that he had never really seen one.  The closest he had was something called a ‘Beto-beto-san’, which sounded more like a ghost than any kind of pet.  The chef told her that if she really wanted to know more about owning such a thing to talk to ‘Master’ or ‘Sensei’ Ito, a man who was opening a shop in the Gut soon.  

She paid for her meal and made it a point to send a letter to this ‘Master’ Ito.

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