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Surveying The Shambles

Citizens of New Babbage consider the results of Push coming to Shove Off. The docks are jammed; freight freezes while the shelves empty along with the commerce on our streets. The morale of the citizenry is in the gutter, along with hopes for a resolution to the chaos and stalemate.

The dynamics of power in such a complex lattice of rivalries and alliances can unravel and twist into impossible knots if given half the chance. Lately in this ‘fair’ city, they’ve been given the chance at gunpoint. While there seems in such matters always a clear culprit, closer inspection reveals a limitless hierarchy of guilt and stains on nearly every finger, and the real victims are again reason, decency and fairness.

One would be hard pressed to find any within these streets unwilling to drop anything for a chance to point a finger at another, or anyone not prepared to jump at the chance to open fire almost at random with every manner of gun or cannon. I must admit being as rash as any in my suggestions of guilt. (While I’ve truthfully obeyed all directives of the Mayor’s office, and not fired a single arrow.)

It cannot be said that there haven’t been moments of heroism amidst the barbarism; indeed there have been remarkable displays of bravery. But it can be said that all of this was unnecessary were common sense allowed to prevail in the first place. There is a clear instigator, and we all know his name. But he is not the only villain in New Babbage.

The only meaningful question is: Will we learn? Don’t get your hopes up. Unless you sell ammunition.

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  1. Nymlet Nymlet January 25, 2013

    Well… did i mention that i give out FREE boxes of ammo when you buy mounted weapons?

    Not that i would like to capitalize on peoples fear… a gunmerchant is, after all, just a purveor of sundries needed…..

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