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((This is a reply to this: and so happens before the rescue of Macbain))


Phaedra never admitted to unease, discomfort or fear and since spending her days with Yoyo at the city Jail would be to admit all of these things through actions, she forced herself to sit in the Bucket of Blood and coolly deal herself a game of solitaire with Yoyo’s tarot cards.  She’d be damned before she let that Dagger woman or any of her cronies see weakness. 

Macbain came in through the passage, she looked drawn and pail and filthy and smelled worse than Phaedra could ever have imagined of the once fastidious woman, it took all within her power to keep from gagging.  She knew that she herself had once looked nearly as bad, Phaedra forced down the revulsion, “Come here, Macbain.”  

Macbain turned at the cold voice and came to close, Phaedra took hold of her wrist with a cold hand and pulled a thin charred stick from her pocket and wrote a rune on the pulse-point and then pushed the girl away, “Go away, Macbain.”  She turned like a clockwork, the cogs in her legs screeching as she huddled down in her corner to sleep. 

The candle above the clock flickered and when she looked up it was to see Tenk perched on the shelf, unrolling his tools.  She did her best to remain calm, cold, calculated, “Good evening, Troll.”  

He pulled a long, thing instrument from the roll and started to fiddle with the clock, “…you really want this fixed?”

Phaedra flipped a card over, “I doubt you could fix it here.  Perhaps you should take it back to your shop, both of them.”  

Tenk looked at her considering, his eyes straying briefly to the huddle in the corner before turning back to the clock, “Are they yours to give?”

“No, but I am telling you to take them to your shop until they are fixed.”  She gathered her cards together. 

He closed the clock, “I will take them tomorrow.” 

She nodded, dealing one card in front of her, “Yes, the larger one is still heavy, despite appearances, Bib will help you with it.” 

He rolled his tools up and climbed down, “your husband does not seem to be at liberty to speak.”  

Phaedra gave him a cold look, “Then neither am I.” 

Tenk seemed about to say something else but turned and walked away from her.  Phaedra turned her eyes down to the card and flipped it over, studying the illustration carefully, the future seemed unclear. 


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