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Strange Allies

violet stood staring out the office windows at the hospital, omig stood at her back, one of a very few permitted to do so ” so she’s right there, just across the canal?”

Omig looked down over her shoulder ” thats what beryl said, that shes hiding out after this Prometheus burned down her house “

the Rabbit crossed her arms paw to chin ” and you believe this information?”

the wolf leaned on the wall “well Beryls a fence sitter, and wont take sides , but the cats never lied to us before, oh and Beryl also said that this Prometheus, was  behind the burning of our old warehouse “

violet turned toward the wolf Moreau ” was he, well that changes a few things doesn’t it,”

omig nodded ” the cat also gave us this a letter from Prometheus to the captain”

taking the proffered letter the rabbit Moreau reads it ,a growing look of displeasure spreading across her face” i hate to say this, but we cant sit this out, Prometheus is a treat to us as well as every one else in the city, have some rifle men posted by the south side windows to watch the hospital, and store more guns in the loading bay, shot guns will do for that, if this Prometheus or his Brothers attack the hospital, we kill them”

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