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Steelhead Scamps’ Summer Dance

The Scamps of Steelhead are invited, as are all the children of the Steamlands, to a picnic dance in the beautiful Steelhead Picnic Grounds in St. Helens on Sunday, the 13th of July at 5 p.m. SLT.

DJ Kira will once again be providing the lively and entertaining music, and there will also be fireworks for further entertainment.

Wear your best patrotic costumes (be they American or French), or dress up as picnic food!  Whatever you might like to wear for the most fun with old and new friends.


This dance is open to all kids, scamps, urchins, ruffians, pickpockets, delinquents and otherwise height-deprived people of th’ Steamlands.  Also adults ifn they be’ave themselves.


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