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Steampunks Save Seattle Street Clock

This was in my email today –

The historic “Carroll’s Clock” was targeted by holiday thieves in 2009; they stole its innards, including the brass pendulum and marble slab the clock parts were sitting on.

The clock was insured, but repairs were estimated to cost over $10,000. The museum’s insurance wouldn’t cover the entire amount, leaving them with an outstanding bill of over $4,000.

Fortunately, a local group of Seattle Steampunk fans took matters in hand, raising the additional money to restore the 100-year-old clock. To do this, they held a day of classes on clocks and clockworks (called “Steampunk University”) at the museum, followed by an evening film festival. The event earned the necessary funds, and the clock repairs were ultimately paid for.

Last summer the museum (sometimes humorously called “Seattle’s Attic”) moved from Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood to another site across town. Over 50,000 historical pieces were moved, including the massive clock. It took a team of movers, a huge crane, and many hours to lift the clock from its base and place it carefully on a flatbed truck.

You can see the restored Carroll’s Clock at MOHAI’s new location.

All’s well that ends well!

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