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Steamlands Grand Prix

Doctor Avalon invites everyone to the Fall Steamlands Grand Prix airship races:

On Oct 8th, 6-9pm slt, The city of Marikesh Mondrago will once again host the Steamlands Grand Prix.  The event will consist of three different contests: Regular craft races, “Dreadnought” class races, and the great Air Pirate Combat Spree.

The first set of races will involve people facing off  against each other on an aerial race track.  These heats can have up to 4 people racing at once.  We usually try to pair ariships against airships, as airships in sl have a more set speed than other craft.  However, as this event once had a racer whose craft was a bacon sandwich made into a Biplane, I can tell you anything goes!  Eventually, there will be a champion crowned.  Our Current champion is the lovely Komnene.

The Second will involve Dreadnought class ships.  A dreadnought is a craft that is at least 15 meters long.  Some can be quite primmy, but they do NOT need to be.  They race different, in that they race around the same track, but they are timed.  Victory goes to the racer with the fastest time around the track.  Sometimes, it comes down to a second.  

Lastly, there is, the pirate battle.  Everyone will be offered use of one of our Sophisticate Pirate combat balloons, complete with cannon.  When the signal is given, it will be every person for themselves, as the object is to be the last person standing (or flying in this case).  Use your mouselook to blast your friends into oblivion!  Do not worry, we have very good medical facilities on staff, as well as a few djinn.  

Let us not forget that music will be provided by DJ Maddox.  Come, enjoy the music, the speed, the blood, and the GLORY!

Beryl’s side note:  There will be a practice race on October 1st from 6 to 7 pm slt, with Maddox providing the music for a chance to check out the competition.  

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