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Steamlands 500 air race in Marikesh Mondrago

Doctor Avalon is inviting New Babbage and the rest of the steamlands to her air race tomorrow at 6 pm SLT.  Here are the notes:

The Steamlands 500 air race:
on 1/23/16, at 6 p.m alt, Marikesh Mondrago will be pleased to run the latest version of the Steamlands 500 air race.!  It features a track suspended high in the air above the city!   Guests will enjoy luxury seating and dining while being high in the clouds!  There are two main sort of races: Airships, and “anything goes”  This is because airships tend to be more or less consistent with speed, where anything goes really does mean anything.  The winners will compete until the airship and anything goes racers compete for the grand championship!  In addition, this year, we will offer an experimental category, the “dreadnought” for truly large ships.  Your average aircraft is around 35 Land Impact, more or less.  We will also feature the DJ styling of K3W, who has been with the race since it’s days in New Toulouse!  Come one, come all!

Here’s your SLURL:

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