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Steamlands 500 Air Race in Marikesh Mondrago January 14th 6-8pm

Doctor Avalon is pleased to announce that on Saturday, January 14th, at 6-8 p.m. SLT, the Steamlands 500 Air race and festival is returning.  Familiar staples include the airship race and “anything goes” race, but will also bring back the Dreadnaughts and Pirate Free For All air battle.

The Races will be two main categories:  “Airships” and “Anything Goes”  The reason we separate the two is because airships have a consistent speed, whereas other craft do not.  As a rule of thumb, if it is a vehicle you have to step into, and is kept in the air with a balloon, it is an airship, where that rocket pack or fairy wing you wear on your back will probably be much faster. 

Dreadnoughts:  We previously defined dreadnoughts as ships being 35 prim or more.  However the best gage of a dreadnought is size.  To be blunt, if the thing is too big to be run on a racing track, and looks like it could hold several people, it’s a dreadnought. 

Finally a new event where everyone can participate, the Pirate Brawl.  Yes, everyone gets into an airship provided by the staff, which is armed with a Cannon.  We then engage in a ruthless battle, where the winner is the last ship in the air!  Come now, who does not want to blast people out of the air with Cannons?

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