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STEAM III starts NOW! And here’s the list:

STEAM III starts NOW! And here’s the list:
Greetings *smiles* The Hunt is on “STEAM III”
140 vendors
over 1000 hunters join the hunters group for fun clues and details ..
To See the Full List ,visit the Hunt web blog link below !!!,
There is a lot going on in all worlds so why not treat Yourself to some fun !!
Steam Hunting Fun .. Going on Now till September 30th !!
Have fun Perhaps see some of YOU on The Hunt !!!!,
Something Hot and Wet Steam folks This is the real Deal,
The Steam Hunt III  !!!,
Happy Twirlsssssssssssssssss,
Below Sample Cog ie What YOU are Hunting for @ each location :)

Hello, Steampunk Hunters! Here’s a quick overview of Steam 3 for Fall 2010. This time you will be hunting for a 0.5m-diameter copper gear at 141 locations. The gear should be within 30m of each location’s rez-point (or there should be hunt tracks leading to the area, like gears on the ground ). ,

There are great prizes for everyone: steampunk and Victorian-themed jewelry, furniture, textures, clothing, and much more. Incidentally, while hunting you will find some sims contain more than one location (notably Mieville Wells and Paradise Landing). Hopefully this notecard will help clear up any confusion. Contained herein are the official landmarks to all participating locations. Note: these landmarks do *not* lead to the actual prize.,

 We ask you to search for those, please, and not to contribute to any “cheat sheets.” Those spoil everyone’s fun. That said, we know some will still use cheat sheets/ devices/ psychic powers to locate hidden prizes. If you are one of the above, we ask for a small courtesy: please look around the shops a bit. These merchants have worked *very hard* to provide excellent prizes, out of both generosity and hope that you will enjoy their wares. Please give them the benefit of at least a glance around. You won’t be disappointed! :) If there are any problems, please continue to the next location (and, if you wish, send a notecard to Perryn Peterson or Isotope Steampunk). Thank you! Sincerely,

 The STEAM Team ====================


*STEAM 3 Locations* * start Here ………………

#1 – Steampunk Info Center / STEAM HQ


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  1. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer September 1, 2010

    Thank you Breezy!  This should be lots of fun!   

    A side note, the CocoaJava Cafe has 230 free prim and anyone can rezz stuff there.  If you meet up with Hunters in Babbage looking for a place to examine their goodies, please let them know! There’s a ‘private’ room upstairs to try on clothes, as well.  I’ll sweep through as often as I can to return any stray boxes this month. 

    I hope everyone takes to opportunity to show some good New Babbage hospitality. (In other words, don’t kill, experiment on, singe them, make them drink the water, or convert them… yet)  Todays Hunter might be tomorrow’s neighbor! 



    • Breezy Carver Breezy Carver September 1, 2010

      awwww Hugss  Ceejay  how thoughtful YOU really  are (( big smile ))  

  2. Jimmy Branagh Jimmy Branagh September 1, 2010

    Oy ‘ad a store in this last spring an’ it wos great fun!  Also there’s a lot of good stuf to be ‘ad aw th’ most persistant!

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