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State of the Turtles 2016

Halaa all,

Mr Pontecorvo has asked me to write this, as he is currently in a very folorn and despondent state on the couch. On my head and eyes be it. I expect swooning to occur in roughly half an hour.

Basically, the hunt… has been a smash flop, as far as we’re aware. One of the prize givers has in fact recently taken Mr P to task over a number of serious failings and oversights, hence his current despairing state.

However, there are still two months to go before the hunt formally ends on October 31st, and we have been given an outline of what can/must be done.

  1. We need to add an instructional notecard to the basket vendors. Poor Mr P was quite hysterical when he realised he’d not only forgotten it, but never written one in the first place.
  2. We also need to seed turtle nests in appropriate public places! If anyone has placed ’em on their private property, for the love of hardy please IM or notecard Martien Pontecorvo and let him know! (Mr Tenk, we will likely need a prim or two under the streets; RL work permitting, we will try to login when you’re on to discuss this.)
  3. We also need to erect a sort of HQ thing down at Babbage Bla Bicycles, Boats & Blimps for all levels of participant.
  4. Prize vendors… if you wish to provide prizes, please let Martien Pontecorvo know, again by IM or notecard. The response might be a little tear-stained but it’s his own fault.
  5. Forum? Should we have our own, or just a group in SL proper?
  6. Oh yes – we were also urged to fire off press releases to the current big name SL bloggers, but I fear we need to establish everything else first.

Of course, part of the cause is that our mutual Typist is a high functioning autistic, who thinks that if you send it they will respond. Astonishingly, years of online sales have yet to enlighten him on how wrong he is.

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  1. Elleon Bergamasco Elleon Bergamasco September 24, 2016

    I know it says to send missives via notecard, but as I rarely log in lately-and often forget things- I shall post here that there is a turtle nest currently located in Clockhaven in “the White Rabbit”. Little known by hardly anyone, it is however a public space-a discreet meeting place in the former wine cellar of “The White Rabbit Restaurant” (basically go to the Palaeozoic Museum and look below it). Patrons will trip over it if they are not careful, so one can’t really complain of it being difficult to find. 

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