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Start of a new life.

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The young male sighs, havieng been here a few days now and haveing made friends but time was against him, he had heard rumers that made him uncomfertable, he had to find what he needed soon, a place safe from everyone and some chains, only he knew why as he spent his free time searching areas for some right size chains that no one would miss, his ears twitching as he always kept alert, but would it go noticed when he went into hideing, would people ask questions, or would he be able to hide and come back once a month with out anyone even thinking otherwise, there was alot on his mind, but there was a bit of peace knowing he had made great friends since he arrived in this strange new city and at least for now, no one was trying to chase him or harm him. His tail flicked a bit as by late evening he goes up to the cliffs over looking the ocean, pulling out the only thing he had of his past a flute, putting it to his lips as he starts to play the sad soft melody the only one he knew, things going though his mind and his stomich telling him of his hunger, since he arrived and saw the snow he knew pickings where going to be slim, he was going to have to make do with what he can get from friends and what he can take and hope no one notices, His ears perk up when ever he hears a noise its as if he was scared of the shadows at times but he could put a brave face for everyone, deep down knowing he could handle himself, and that how everyone looked at him as if he was weak this runty boy knew he could take on most simple dangers. His ears relax as he goes back to playing the sad tune, his mind wondering if he could ever learn another tune then this. His mind wondering… will anyone find out my secret… I hope not…” he says to himself as he plays his instrument for some time before going to one of the urchin hideouts to rest till later in the day. the boy never being seen much in morning hours.


((input and advice welcome, this is snows story but I always like input helps me come up with good story ideas plus this would not be known knowladge yet hehe

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