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Spring Town Hall Meeting 15th February 2014

Transcript of this quarter’s Town Hall Meeting.  Down the page a bit because I got the formatting wrong originally.

Some images here.

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  1. Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 15, 2014

    To summarize:

    THAW – Now. There is a lot of construction going on in Babbage Square and its getting in the way. Ice will go last, after consulting with Mr. Worbridge about the fishing village. This is our earliest thaw.

    RFL- Garnet Psaltery will be fundraising/admin captain and sign us up as “New Babbage RFL” so we don’t miss out. We will run it like last year and not talk about this again until the end of May. Everyone agreed that it was very nice not to have RFL burn out fatigue last year.

    BABBAGE CHRONICLES VOL. 2 – Loki Eliot’s next installment of the annual roleplaying saga will most likely start March 1. Check the Steampunks group notices if you would like to sign up as labor.

    OCCUPANCY is currently 89%. That’s rather good for February.

    OILING FESTIVAL – will be meshtacular. Opening ceremony February 28 at Foot Tappin Friday and run until March 23rd. There is not as much available land as there has been in past years.

    THE ROOFTOP HUNT – Dr. Watson & Mr. Holmes have wanted to hold a hunt across the rooftops of the city for quite some time. Prizes should be of rooftoppy theme. Hunt should start on April 1. Note: not all of the city will be used, just those that can be connected across the roofs. Be creative about that.

    VICTOR is going to standardize the windlight settings across all the sims becuase it is his fault that some are different.


    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 18, 2014

      and JED would like to organize a grid flight across Blakes Sea this springtime too!

  2. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery February 15, 2014

    Thank you very much for the summary!

  3. Loki Eliot Loki Eliot February 16, 2014

    YEAHY about the snow going!

    YEAHY about the Rooftop hunt, what a great idea,

    YEAHY i love Oiling Festival!

    YEAHY about universal windlight settings, hope they are good ones!

  4. Pilipo Underwood Pilipo Underwood February 18, 2014

    Drat. I missed the Town Hall Meeting. I really need to make it to my mailbox more often…

  5. Avariel Falcon Avariel Falcon February 18, 2014

    If anyone needs more building space I would be happy to host a few platforms on the Aquilla III sim.

  6. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs February 18, 2014

    Did anyone save the actual transcript, by any chance?

    • Mr Tenk Mr Tenk February 18, 2014

      garnet, you are going to have to break the transcript into 15 minute chunks for posting to make it visible to everyone.

      • Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery February 18, 2014

        Oh sorry, I thought you’d deleted it following some guideline about minutes. :D  I’ll tackle it again.

  7. Ceejay Writer Ceejay Writer February 18, 2014

    I’m so happy to hear about the plans for a Rooftop Hunt. Running the roofs has always been a fun jaunt, and one of the features of New Babbage that originally drew me in. 

    When I built the CocoaJava, I made sure the rooftop was a main feature. Don’t know if anyone recalls my ‘No Clambering’ sign in the back alley and the tricky ladders that allowed rooftop access. I spent a lot of time up there, looking at all the other rooftops in town!  

    The rooftops are the best!  

  8. Victor1st Mornington Victor1st Mornington February 18, 2014

    …but it wasnt my fault some are different!

    *slinks off and hides in a corner…*

  9. Wulfriðe Blitzen Wulfriðe Blitzen February 18, 2014

    I am happy to make platform/building and display space available by my factory on the seafront for the Oiling Festival. Although my roof has plenty of space for the hunt it will need a leap to continue to elsewhere once found.

    Drop me a notecard inworld to prod me if you wish to take this up. 

  10. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery February 18, 2014

    [13:08] Mosseveno Tenk: first up, we got to get the snow up this week. ice will prolly go last. there’s a lot of building going on for infrastructure and its just to hard to see what is goign on.
    [13:09] Mosseveno Tenk: also, real life winter is a bear this year, nad i think no one wants to see it when htey log in anymore
    [13:09] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): Amen
    [13:09] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident) nods
    [13:09] Jimmy Branagh: Start removal, or wait til … ?
    [13:09] Mosseveno Tenk: i’ll get with osric before the ice goes so he can wrap up the fishing village.
    [13:09] Mosseveno Tenk: go ahead and start removing.
    [13:10] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Yay!
    [13:10] Elilka Sieyes: sniff
    [13:10] Mosseveno Tenk: i usulay leave drifts out for a little while, whre you would expect plow piles.
    [13:10] Jimmy Branagh: I love the snow here, but it’s in my way right now too
    [13:10] Mosseveno Tenk: but the textures go.
    [13:10] Elilka Sieyes nods sadly XD
    [13:10] Mosseveno Tenk: yeah, in square, its very much in the way.
    [13:10] Mosseveno Tenk: anything else on snow?
    [13:10] Edward Pearse: We could always flood Babbage for a bit. Make the UK folks feel at home :-)
    [13:10] Garnet Psaltery: o.O
    [13:10] Garnet Psaltery: High winds too
    [13:10] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): ^_^
    [13:10] Mosseveno Tenk: actualy, all i can flood are the fells.
    [13:11] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): House shaking winds!
    [13:11] Mosseveno Tenk: we can’t flood the city becuase the water level is maxed out
    [13:11] Edward Pearse: Ah. Didn’t know that
    [13:11] Myrtil Igaly: mega prim with fake water!
    [13:11] Mosseveno Tenk: yeah. can’t raise it higher than 100m
    [13:11] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Its like Aquila, set to 100m
    [13:11] Garnet Psaltery: No floods, please
    [13:11] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): we’re too high Ed
    [13:11] Mosseveno Tenk: greenspace is around 90m, it fluctuates for seasonal changes slightly
    [13:12] Mosseveno Tenk: righto. on to the bad word… and i won’t say it again until the end of may
    [13:12] Garnet Psaltery: RFL
    [13:12] Kimika Ying: *puts on earmuffs
    [13:12] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger) points at the word
    [13:12] Mosseveno Tenk: garnet psaltery has volunteer to head up the admin/fundraiser side. i think she’s demonstrated having a tought skin and can take the criticism we tend to get for how we run it.
    [13:13] Garnet Psaltery: Yay! I think :D
    [13:13] Elilka Sieyes salutes garnet.
    [13:13] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident) hugs
    [13:13] Mosseveno Tenk: last year, we dind’t fundraise until the may formal, at the end of the month. we had a  0 balance on half way fair. which amused me
    [13:13] Jimmy Branagh says a silent prayer for Garnet
    [13:13] Mosseveno Tenk: and we went to the track gold, and went platinum over walk weekend.
    [13:13] Garnet Psaltery: We did too :D
    [13:13] Mosseveno Tenk: so you can tell that to those that say we just do it for the land.
    [13:13] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Vic
    [13:14] Mosseveno Tenk: nuff said?
    [13:14] Lady Sumoku waves
    [13:14] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): and we didn’t have event fatigue
    [13:14] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident) waves to Mr Mornignton
    [13:14] Jimmy Branagh waves to Mr. Vic and Mr. Emerson
    [13:14] Myrtil Igaly: ‘ello Mister Vic and Mister Emerson!
    [13:14] Garnet Psaltery: Hello Emerson
    [13:14] Mosseveno Tenk: no, i really liked how it went. i think the builders had a good time too, we were a lot less serious than usual thanks to the giant slugs
    [13:14] Emerson Lighthouse: /mw waves and tries to sneak in
    [13:14] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident) waves to Mr Lighthouse
    [13:14] Mosseveno Tenk: which i was totally joking about when i brought it up……
    [13:15] Garnet Psaltery: Now he tells us
    [13:15] Myrtil Igaly: ‘ello Professor Parx
    [13:15] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): ^_^
    [13:15] Mosseveno Tenk: prolly around mid may we’ll put a call out for a build captain and set aside a special platform up above the fells
    [13:15] Mosseveno Tenk: sound like a thing?
    [13:15] Professor Parx (Treloar Parx): Good afternoon
    [13:15] Garnet Psaltery: Yes
    [13:15] Mosseveno Tenk: excellent. godspeed, captain psaltery
    [13:15] Jimmy Branagh applauds
    [13:16] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): ♫ ((( Yay! Applause! Yay! ))) ♪
    [13:16] Edward Pearse: Psychiatrists are standing by
    [13:16] Myrtil Igaly: Good luck!
    [13:16] Mosseveno Tenk: still got to get the headframes installed in the fells too.
    [13:16] Mosseveno Tenk: from last years build
    [13:16] Mosseveno Tenk: so mornington can start raking in his mining residuals
    [13:16] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): :D
    [13:17] Garnet Psaltery: :D
    [13:17] Mosseveno Tenk: before we get to oiling festival discussion… is there anything else anyone wants to talk about?
    [13:17] Elilka Sieyes: are we onto the ‘things in spring’ bit?
    [13:17] Mosseveno Tenk: any special events that should have time put aside between now and the end of may?
    [13:17] Mosseveno Tenk: things in spring!
    [13:17] Magnum Serpentine Waves to Mr. Mornington
    [13:17] Elilka Sieyes: We have A Thing. In Spring.
    [13:17] Mosseveno Tenk: do tell!
    [13:18] Elilka Sieyes: along the lines of a plot/minihunt
    [13:18] Garnet Psaltery: ooh
    [13:18] Elilka Sieyes: much-delayed.
    [13:18] Myrtil Igaly: ‘ello Mister Vernden
    [13:18] Mosseveno Tenk: sounds interesting
    [13:18] Elina Koskinen: We mentioned this last year too, but moved it XD
    [13:18] Mosseveno Tenk: time frame?
    [13:18] Vernden Jervil: hello
    [13:18] Emerson Lighthouse waves to Vernden
    [13:19] Jimmy Branagh waves to Mr. Vernden
    [13:19] Vernden Jervil waves back
    [13:19] Elina Koskinen: Anyway, we have a plot involving roofs, and have been planning a hunt related to it.
    [13:19] Elilka Sieyes: depends on the weather…but when Holmes’s bees wake up ;)
    [13:19] Jimmy Branagh: lol
    [13:20] Professor Parx (Treloar Parx): Bees? Hmmmm
    [13:20] Elina Koskinen: Yes, sometime after the snow melts.
    [13:20] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Mmm… Honey!
    [13:20] Myrtil Igaly: A plot involving roofs can only be a good one
    [13:20] Elina Koskinen: Possibly in March-April. Maybe.
    [13:20] Garnet Psaltery: Do you need ladders between buildings?
    [13:20] Mosseveno Tenk: sounds good
    [13:20] Elina Koskinen: Lot’s of ladders and roof things would be good of course :D
    [13:20] Edward Pearse: I’ll have to check that the climb scripts on the drainpipes are in

    • Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery February 18, 2014

      [13:21] Elilka Sieyes: that will give me time to build a few more objects, yep.
      [13:21] Myrtil Igaly: All over Babbage?
      [13:21] Mosseveno Tenk: Jimmy or Myrtil, do you have any intel about loki’s time frame? i know he keeps his cards close to his chest.
      [13:21] Myrtil Igaly: Starting First of March
      [13:21] Mosseveno Tenk: excellent
      [13:21] Lady Sumoku waves
      [13:21] Mosseveno Tenk: watson, do we need time to build prizes for the hunt?
      [13:21] Myrtil Igaly: but he has no idea how long it will last for
      [13:22] Jimmy Branagh: Only that he intends to start March 1st as posted on the bar, and that things may go for awhile.
      [13:22] Mosseveno Tenk: sounds like it will run long, i’m looking forward to seeing how the mechanics of it go.
      [13:22] Myrtil Igaly: Yes it will depend on how it works out
      [13:22] Mosseveno Tenk nods
      [13:22] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): He has Dr Falcon and I’s full support, although I expect this will be a roleplay that we will not be all that required for.
      [13:22] Mosseveno Tenk: stand by to stand by aye
      [13:23] Elilka Sieyes: i can provide items…depends on when we do it, really.
      [13:23] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): But we are ready to help ^_^
      [13:23] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): Tenk?
      [13:23] Mosseveno Tenk: but what do we need for the rooftop hunts, prize wise?
      [13:23] Mosseveno Tenk: go ahead jed
      [13:23] Lady Sumoku: Free chimneys?
      [13:23] Elilka Sieyes: if people are able to give items, that is cool…rooftop-y items.
      [13:23] Jimmy Branagh: Pigeon cages?
      [13:23] Mosseveno Tenk: rooftoppy themed prizes? hmmmm
      [13:23] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): I’m going to get a crew to gether to make a gridflight in Blakes soon
      [13:23] Elina Koskinen: chimneys, tiles, railings, towers…
      [13:23] Myrtil Igaly: weathervanes
      [13:23] Mosseveno Tenk: oooh, i like pigeon cages
      [13:24] Mosseveno Tenk: i always wanted one, but mom wouldn’t let me
      [13:24] Elina Koskinen: drain pipes…
      [13:24] Elina Koskinen: skylights..
      [13:24] Elilka Sieyes: it wouldbe good to avoid clashing too much with loki.
      [13:24] Mosseveno Tenk: watson does like his drain pipes
      [13:24] Mosseveno Tenk: i don’t think it will be a conflict, since this will be staying above the streets.
      [13:24] Jimmy Branagh waves to Tosh
      [13:24] Myrtil Igaly: Loki’s will be kind of spread out and can play in the background
      [13:24] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): Basically a long distance flight across the length of the Blakes Sea
      [13:25] Jimmy Branagh: Shouldn;t be. Poli’s is built around labor relations :)
      [13:25] Jimmy Branagh: Loki’s*
      [13:25] Mosseveno Tenk: let’s set a date so people have a building goal. april 1? is that too late?
      [13:25] Mosseveno Tenk: oiling festival will take up a large part of march
      [13:25] Elilka Sieyes: Holmes what do the bees say?
      [13:25] Elina Koskinen: April 1 is okay for me.
      [13:25] Myrtil Igaly waves to Tosh
      [13:25] Mosseveno Tenk awaits the wisdom of the bees
      [13:26] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): bzzzzz?
      [13:26] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): ^_^
      [13:26] Edward Pearse: Is that going to be a sequel to a Swedish novelty song?
      [13:26] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): LMAO
      [13:26] Mosseveno Tenk: should we make chimney sweep avatars for the hunters?
      [13:26] Elina Koskinen: Yes please :D
      [13:26] Garnet Psaltery: aww nic eidea
      [13:26] Mosseveno Tenk: that would be a cool way of identifying who is on the hunt
      [13:26] Elina Koskinen: The plot will involve some, so that would be good.
      [13:27] Jimmy Branagh: Yeps good idea
      [13:27] Edward Pearse: They can accents worse than Jimmy’s :-)
      [13:27] Myrtil Igaly: impossible!
      [13:27] Mosseveno Tenk: good heavens!
      [13:27] Jimmy Branagh: ‘Ay!
      [13:27] Lady Sumoku: Let everyone carry chimney brooms.
      [13:27] Elilka Sieyes: If people do wish to make items as gifties, please let us know by end of Feb, then we can get some idea what we’re doing.
      [13:27] Jimmy Branagh: Oy ain’t gots no accent. Oy’m cosmopolitan Oy am!
      [13:27] Mosseveno Tenk: maybe a chim broom acts as a hud, or local chat object
      [13:27] Edward Pearse: Doesn’t Loki have a mesh Chimney broom or something?
      [13:28] Myrtil Igaly: yes he’s selling one
      [13:28] Mosseveno Tenk: for those that don’t want to change outfits, they can just carry the broom
      [13:28] Edward Pearse: Need an extra sooty clothing set
      [13:28] Mosseveno Tenk: i like this idea. its been a long time coming
      [13:28] Lady Sumoku: There needs to be a particle soot cloud too.
      [13:29] Myrtil Igaly: ‘ello Mister Blake!
      [13:29] Edward Pearse: Heh
      [13:29] Blake Panache: hello.
      [13:29] Mosseveno Tenk: everyone give mr panache a hand! he’s been working hard on city hall
      [13:29] Jimmy Branagh waves to Mr. Blake and Mr. Beolas
      [13:29] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): ♫ ((( Yay! Applause! Yay! ))) ♪
      [13:29] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): :D
      [13:29] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Yay!
      [13:29] Elilka Sieyes: hurah
      [13:29] Lady Sumoku claps
      [13:29] Garnet Psaltery: Well done!
      [13:29] Jimmy Branagh applauds
      [13:29] Emerson Lighthouse applauds
      [13:29] Jimmy Branagh: YAY!
      [13:29] Professor Parx (Treloar Parx) applauds
      [13:29] Beolas Whitfield-Ling (Beolas Whitfield): Godd Evening :)
      [13:29] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger) golfclaps
      [13:29] Mosseveno Tenk: and i think we might be using oiling festival to help kit it out.
      [13:30] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Its looking wonderful so far!
      [13:30] Blake Panache: thank you all
      [13:30] Jimmy Branagh: It looks magnificently imposing
      [13:30] Mosseveno Tenk: it does poke up over the skyline nicely
      [13:30] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Dr Falcon has been keeping away so as to avoid too many unicorn shaped holes
      [13:30] Garnet Psaltery: :o)
      [13:30] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident) nods
      [13:30] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): rofl
      [13:30] Mosseveno Tenk: yeilds the floor to mr. panache for a bit so he can talk about anything he needs.
      [13:31] Myrtil Igaly: ‘evening Mister Beolas
      [13:31] Mosseveno Tenk checks his notecards
      [13:32] Beolas Whitfield-Ling (Beolas Whitfield) waves
      [13:32] Mosseveno Tenk: gutentag!
      [13:32] Blake Panache: I am good, thank you all who have helped or sent me pics. Thanks to Mr Lorefield for the work he has done and if anyone is looking to get your hands dirty please let me know there is still a lot of texture work to do
      [13:32] Mosseveno Tenk: i can do textures wtih the right photos
      [13:33] Myrtil Igaly: Do you want all custom textures?
      [13:33] Jimmy Branagh: You might list what pics you’re seeking on the bar, or even a sign here
      [13:33] Mosseveno Tenk: good idea.
      [13:33] Blake Panache: i think i should send an anouncement out for that
      [13:34] Mosseveno Tenk: i’m not in a good scavenging area anymore for photos
      [13:34] Mosseveno Tenk: right
      [13:34] Blake Panache: and I should have been better prepared, but there was this rl nap incident this afternoon and wel…..
      [13:34] Myrtil Igaly: hehehe
      [13:34] Jimmy Branagh: hehe
      [13:34] Edward Pearse: BAR is good, gives people a chance to refer back to it again
      [13:34] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): :D
      [13:34] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): ^_^
      [13:34] Lady Sumoku knows that feeling.
      [13:34] Mosseveno Tenk: naps are important. we’ll go on to oiling festival  and you can chime in as you get reminded of stuff.

      • Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery February 18, 2014

        [13:35] Blake Panache: will do thanks
        [13:35] Mosseveno Tenk: so this year will be a lot like the first year, looking more at things we need to replace.
        [13:35] Mosseveno Tenk: and it will be meshariffic, i am sure.
        [13:35] Myrtil Igaly: Yay!!
        [13:35] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Meeeeeeeeesh!
        [13:35] Lady Sumoku: Meshtacular.
        [13:35] Garnet Psaltery: :D
        [13:35] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): :D
        [13:35] Jimmy Branagh: Mesharama
        [13:35] Mosseveno Tenk: i think we’ll go 3 weeks. i’ll see how the calendar falls.
        [13:36] Mosseveno Tenk: winning objects won’t necessarily be those that are taken into city inventory, i’ll be looking at more than coolness. mesh density will be a big thing that i look at when assessing for feasibility
        [13:37] Mosseveno Tenk: we need new monuments. there’s only 1 i wantt o keep right now, at the crossroads in the gut, the rest are out of date.
        [13:37] Magnum Serpentine quietly departs to deal with real life
        [13:37] Lady Sumoku waves
        [13:37] Mosseveno Tenk: we have the tools now to make better stuff. no more photos of statues on flats!
        [13:37] Jimmy Branagh wave to Mr. Magnum
        [13:37] Jimmy Branagh: Gawd I always hated those
        [13:37] Lady Sumoku: We can have photos on mesh flats.
        [13:37] Mosseveno Tenk: tepic proposed barricades, in a nod back to the moreau riots
        [13:38] Mosseveno Tenk: i like that.
        [13:38] Edward Pearse: Yes I’ve been trying to work my charm convincing some of our meshmakers to rebuild a statue in Clockhaven. I need more charm
        [13:38] Mosseveno Tenk: honking big machines will go on the waterfront, as usual
        [13:38] Mosseveno Tenk: the train station in palisades looks TERRIBLE next to jimmy’s new build. it has to go.
        [13:38] Mosseveno Tenk: that is an RFL relic that has been deprimmed once.
        [13:38] Garnet Psaltery: Yay explosions
        [13:38] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident) fetches the dynamite
        [13:39] Mosseveno Tenk: from the sprocket era
        [13:39] Jimmy Branagh: I would say similar to Mr. Blake’s pictures. Post what’s needed on the BAR
        [13:39] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): It’s been there forever
        [13:39] Jimmy Branagh: For the monuments I mean
        [13:39] Professor Parx (Treloar Parx): I’m sure there are interesting way of dismantling it
        [13:39] Mosseveno Tenk: i’ll try and think of where to stage that, if i can’t we will have to use scale models.
        [13:39] Mosseveno Tenk: ashiko wants new guns for the militia. that will be a tomonah hall small build
        [13:40] Jimmy Branagh: It’s a fair sized platform
        [13:40] Mosseveno Tenk: we still need the clock movemnet for city hall, lady sumoku contacted me saing rl was getting over her head so she might not be able to do it.
        [13:40] Mosseveno Tenk: and the old clock movenet from RFL has… issues.
        [13:40] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): awwwwwww i liked the rfl one as well :(
        [13:41] Edward Pearse: The one above the Merryman?
        [13:41] Mosseveno Tenk: its nice, but it was also a real clock movement, so the script in it is more complicated than it needs to be
        [13:41] Mosseveno Tenk: and its also sculpted
        [13:41] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): ahhhhhh
        [13:41] Mosseveno Tenk: yes, that one. i will keep the one at the merryman.
        [13:41] Mosseveno Tenk: i don’t want a script that needs to be reset after every sim restart please.
        [13:41] Lady Sumoku: I am fiddling, but have yet to find time to get an solid idea what the inside should look like, apart from pendulums.
        [13:42] Mosseveno Tenk: just rotations are fine.
        [13:42] Edward Pearse: :-)
        [13:42] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): lots of cogs and stuff Lady…. *nods*
        [13:42] Mosseveno Tenk: and it doesn’t have to be clockmaker perfect.
        [13:42] Mosseveno Tenk: so that’s on the festival
        [13:42] Mosseveno Tenk: train cars…. the ones in palisades are sculpted. we need new ones. also some storytelling opportunity in that with want you paint on the sides of the cars
        [13:43] Lady Sumoku: I don’t want perfect, but sensible-looking would be nice.
        [13:43] Lady Sumoku laughs
        [13:43] Jimmy Branagh: ((brb))
        [13:43] Edward Pearse: Which ones are sculpted?
        [13:43] Mosseveno Tenk: “Industrial Offshore Rigs of Questionable Commerical Purposes” to replace the one that blew up out in iron bay. that was an offsim shove
        [13:44] Mosseveno Tenk: the gears in the old clock are sculpted. the frames were meshed.
        [13:44] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): Oooh
        [13:44] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): Rigs and derricks
        [13:44] Mosseveno Tenk: yes
        [13:44] Mosseveno Tenk: i think we need a new one
        [13:44] Edward Pearse: Which trains are sculpted? The static stock?
        [13:44] Mosseveno Tenk: the static cars, yes.
        [13:44] Edward Pearse: Ah right
        [13:45] Mosseveno Tenk: parts, maybe
        [13:45] Mosseveno Tenk: but i know we can build for less impact these days. much less.
        [13:45] Mosseveno Tenk: if anyone thinks of something they’d like to see, please drop me a note.
        [13:45] Mosseveno Tenk: i can’t think of a 2D one for this year.
        [13:46] Edward Pearse: Travel posters?
        [13:46] Mosseveno Tenk: but those are the ones i have moved up to the A list for this year
        [13:46] Mosseveno Tenk: hmm, could make some new postcards. the other ones are all gone.
        [13:46] Garnet Psaltery: Wanted poster – we want a villain
        [13:46] Lady Sumoku: Humorous playbills?
        [13:47] Mosseveno Tenk: playbills… that’s interesting.
        [13:47] Mosseveno Tenk: what do we see in our theaters?
        [13:47] Garnet Psaltery: Dust and mice
        [13:47] Edward Pearse: I still remember the Giraffe Flavoured Chewing gum posters from the Shoppe of Olde Stuff show
        [13:47] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): Newsreels
        [13:47] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): travelogs
        [13:48] Garnet Psaltery: Scandalous romances
        [13:48] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Puppet shows?
        [13:48] Lady Sumoku: Scandalous puppet shows.
        [13:48] Garnet Psaltery: Scandalous puppet romances
        [13:48] Elilka Sieyes: haha
        [13:48] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Yay!
        [13:48] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): Someone’s memoirs?
        [13:48] Garnet Psaltery: ;D
        [13:48] Jimmy Branagh: ((kback))
        [13:48] Lady Sumoku: We should have a Punch and Judy booth.
        [13:48] Blake Panache: Please no Housewives of Babbage Square
        [13:49] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): that would be wonderful!
        [13:49] Lady Sumoku: With a pose ball for someone to crouch in it.
        [13:49] Professor Parx (Treloar Parx): “Clockhaven Shore”
        [13:49] Blake Panache: lol
        [13:49] Garnet Psaltery: :D
        [13:50] Myrtil Igaly: There’s something I’d like to see, but maybe not for the Oiling Festival, and that would be a map of New Babbage as it was during the Golden Age, before the Great Fire. Or at least a map of the current buildings remaining from the Golden Age.
        [13:50] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Technically the power station would be there, even though it is kind of retconend in?
        [13:50] Edward Pearse: Even the current map needs updating
        [13:50] Mosseveno Tenk notes Myrtils idea

        • Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery February 18, 2014

          [13:51] Mosseveno Tenk: there is a story developing on the BAR right now that takes place in the Fire era.
          [13:51] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): [It keeps growing for some reason ^_^]
          [13:51] Mosseveno Tenk: june is map month
          [13:51] Dr. Cyberusfaustus (cyberusfaustus Resident): I was going to update my transit map.. I could send it over to you Herr Burgermeister for review when done
          [13:51] Mosseveno Tenk: oh, right. occupancy.
          [13:51] Mosseveno Tenk: lemme check that
          [13:52] Mosseveno Tenk: 89%
          [13:52] Myrtil Igaly: WooT
          [13:52] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Not bad!
          [13:52] Edward Pearse: Not too shabby
          [13:52] Garnet Psaltery: Nice
          [13:52] Mosseveno Tenk: we hit 91 back in decemebr, which is the highest its been in years.
          [13:53] Elilka Sieyes: gosgh.
          [13:53] Mosseveno Tenk: 89 is pretty goodfor this time of year. i’m happy with it.
          [13:53] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): theres been a few from SLU thats moved in since i started advertising in there
          [13:53] Garnet Psaltery: :o)
          [13:53] Garnet Psaltery: Are we getting any from other steamlands?
          [13:53] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): So not time to panic, yet?
          [13:53] Mosseveno Tenk: in fact, that is the highest we have ever been going into oiling festival, except for the first year. so i will be clearing abandoned builds to make room.
          [13:53] Dr. Cyberusfaustus (cyberusfaustus Resident): its always an okay time to panic
          [13:54] Elilka Sieyes puts the panic-moustache-wax back into his pocket.
          [13:54] Garnet Psaltery: ;D
          [13:54] Mosseveno Tenk: i don’t snipe other steamlands. if they come here for the city, they come here for the city.
          [13:54] Professor Parx (Treloar Parx): Specially imported Doctor? :-)
          [13:54] Garnet Psaltery: Not suggesting sniping – just curious to see if they’re coming over
          [13:54] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): All the steamlands need to stand together
          [13:54] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): also NB has been getting mentions in mags and podcasts, latest one being Drax Radio Show…
          [13:54] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident) nods
          [13:54] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): Jo Yardley put in a “reccomended visit” to babbge at the end of this weeks show
          [13:54] Edward Pearse: I keep meaning to listen to that
          [13:55] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Even the strange little tropical ones *nods*
          [13:55] Myrtil Igaly: yes I saw that
          [13:55] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): I listen to it at work
          [13:55] Mosseveno Tenk: we have got one or two in from caledon over fall.
          [13:55] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): Prim Perfect is also doing a peice on Brunel Hall in their next magazine issue….
          [13:55] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): They are contacting again I think
          [13:55] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): *contracting
          [13:56] Mosseveno Tenk: i do recommend recognizing 1920s berlin as in the steamland association. she has a different approach to bulding than we do, but there’s a lot in common with how we like things to be.
          [13:56] Garnet Psaltery: I agree
          [13:56] Mosseveno Tenk: and we’re always sniping each other on facebook
          [13:56] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): I need to explore that one
          [13:56] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): :D
          [13:56] Mosseveno Tenk: in a good way
          [13:56] Edward Pearse: They’re a historical sim, which is usually the main distinction
          [13:57] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): They are another example of a dense urban build
          [13:57] Garnet Psaltery: What I was really wondering is whether people from other steamlands are going to other steamlands as opposed to different themes entirely – but that’s hard to know
          [13:57] Edward Pearse: And the thing with the AV height, which bugs me
          [13:57] Beolas Whitfield-Ling (Beolas Whitfield): love Berlin1929 -i have a house there ^
          [13:57] Mosseveno Tenk: land mass wise, berlin has added quite a bit, mostly homestead/parkland surrounding the city
          [13:57] Mosseveno Tenk: steelhead did a downsize in late summer to stabilaze, and looks good.
          [13:57] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): There is always a lot of flux from one steamland estate to another
          [13:57] Jimmy Branagh: Yeh, I’m adult sized there, by their standard
          [13:57] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): Berlin goes by the meter
          [13:58] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): Jo is a stickler for avatar sizes :D
          [13:58] Mosseveno Tenk: caledon downsizes as needed, govner shang is the most business-like of the esate owners, i think
          [13:58] Edward Pearse: I think Jo is about Tenk’s size
          [13:58] Mosseveno Tenk: eyah, she uses real scale. we’re more land of the giants
          [13:58] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): yay! giants!
          [13:58] Lady Sumoku: Yes, Des has been pretty pragmatic.
          [13:58] Jimmy Branagh: hehe
          [13:58] Garnet Psaltery: :D
          [13:58] Mosseveno Tenk: winterfell’s map has been very stable
          [13:58] Jimmy Branagh: I’m bigger than I used to be to compete with all the 8 foot tall freaks
          [13:59] Edward Pearse looks up to Emerson on his left
          [13:59] Mosseveno Tenk: and we haven’t taken a hit since the water downsize over a year ago.
          [13:59] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): also… i heard from… a source…
          [13:59] Mosseveno Tenk: our occupancy is up from last year. so i’lll call new babbage stable after downsize too.
          [13:59] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): the new Linden Lab CEO has requested a meeting with “SL Media”… it looks like the Lab is going to start engaging the user base again
          [13:59] Mosseveno Tenk: hmmm
          [13:59] Garnet Psaltery faints
          [13:59] Jedburgh Dagger (Jedburgh30 Dagger): Ebbe
          [13:59] LoreWildwood Resident: I try to explain to people that scale in SL hinges on minimum prim sizes. It’s difficult to produce finely detailed things if you imagine 1cm is the smallest you can build.
          [13:59] Lady Sumoku: Everyone hold their breath.
          [13:59] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident) resorts to astonishment!
          [14:00] Mosseveno Tenk: since our downsize only affected the underwater regions, it was not as visible as it was elsewhere
          [14:00] Professor Parx (Treloar Parx): And Elvis is still alive
          [14:00] Mosseveno Tenk: i saw him next to stevie wonder on fremont street. he’s much shorter now.
          [14:00] Dr. Cyberusfaustus (cyberusfaustus Resident): I still miss the sailing venue of the Vernian
          [14:00] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): LMAO
          [14:00] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident) notices the underwater regions
          [14:01] Mosseveno Tenk: verndon, expactly wwhat are the scoundrel fleet holdings these days?
          [14:01] Edward Pearse: That’s an impressive bell
          [14:01] Mosseveno Tenk: i know you found a place in blakes, but never knew the details of it.
          [14:02] Vernden Jervil: We are occupying a small Island in the blake sea at the moment
          [14:02] Vernden Jervil: about half a sim or so
          [14:02] Mosseveno Tenk: nice
          [14:03] Mosseveno Tenk: and that is a great sailing venue. the problem iwth water regions on private estates is there will never be enough water. ever. its just too expensive.
          [14:03] Lady Sumoku nods
          [14:03] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): yup :(
          [14:03] Vernden Jervil: Very true,
          [14:03] Mosseveno Tenk: oh, mesh streeetlights. those need replacing too.
          [14:03] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): MESH!
          [14:03] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Meeeesh!
          [14:04] Mosseveno Tenk: some days  i log in and they look like a bunch of scarecrows
          [14:04] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): *cough* double head lamps *cough*
          [14:04] Lady Sumoku: Meshification Go!
          [14:04] Mosseveno Tenk: maybe for the posh districts
          [14:04] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): :D
          [14:04] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): Electric lights?
          [14:04] Edward Pearse: But of course
          [14:04] Mosseveno Tenk: righot. top of the hour! i won’t hold you here.
          [14:04] Elilka Sieyes: they do need some meshi.
          [14:04] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): thats academy and pallisades covered then YAY!
          [14:04] Garnet Psaltery: All functional or some sparking?
          [14:04] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): For the posh districts
          [14:05] Mosseveno Tenk: the glow prim could be recycled. we do love our glowy lights
          [14:05] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): :D
          [14:05] Jimmy Branagh: Gaslights. A broken one should have a six-foot flame shooting out of it
          [14:05] Garnet Psaltery: :D
          [14:05] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): ohhhhhhhhh one thing Mr Tenk before you run off….

          • Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery February 18, 2014

            [14:06] Lady Sumoku thinks they should ALL have six-foot flames.
            [14:06] Mosseveno Tenk: also, the cabbits were called away to RL suddenly. they wre going to make me some sewer hubs, but looks like that isn’t going to happen now. hmmm.
            [14:06] Jimmy Branagh: hehe
            [14:06] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): A possible city wide environment setting for all regions?
            [14:06] Garnet Psaltery: Yes please!
            [14:06] Mosseveno Tenk: hubs being the complicated bits of tunnel , to be joined by simple prim runs to save impact
            [14:06] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): With choking smog?
            [14:06] LoreWildwood Resident: I’d wondered about that, myself, Victor
            [14:06] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): i dont know if the environment settings are still jumping from one region to the next vcause i switched off estate thingy
            [14:06] Blake Panache: agreed
            [14:07] Mosseveno Tenk: sure, you can do that after thaw. i don’t like your settings during winter. too brown for snow.
            [14:07] Edward Pearse: Yes windlight standard would be great
            [14:07] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): you want me to do it? :o
            [14:07] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington) hides
            [14:07] Mosseveno Tenk: its your setting?
            [14:07] Garnet Psaltery: Don’t tax the light!
            [14:07] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): ^_^
            [14:07] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): i dont have it, i thought it was yours? rofl
            [14:07] Jimmy Branagh: I use my own settings
            [14:07] Mosseveno Tenk: the sea is problematic for that, as they need more light.
            [14:07] Mosseveno Tenk: the one in academy? i never made that.
            [14:07] Elilka Sieyes: add it to contest?
            [14:07] Mosseveno Tenk: its yours
            [14:07] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): hmmmmmm
            [14:07] Mosseveno Tenk: and it has to bea 24 hour cycle
            [14:08] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): i’ll need to check
            [14:08] Edward Pearse: How about we make one and then apply it to all sims?
            [14:08] LoreWildwood Resident: I think that’s what was just suggested, Edward.
            [14:08] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): i’ll make a sort of “industrial dark” look… try and base it off of the central regions of the city and use it on the rest…
            [14:08] Mosseveno Tenk: vernian sea might keep its onw setting becuase of the darkenss issue
            [14:08] Edward Pearse: Start with something like the Bristol one and tweek it
            [14:08] Mosseveno Tenk: i never notice it because i’ve always got the sky forced to whatever i need.
            [14:08] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): With fog
            [14:08] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): just lighten it up a tad for Pallisade and Academy cause its posh up there
            [14:09] Garnet Psaltery: Heh
            [14:09] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): we have smog filters… they are invisible to the naked eye
            [14:09] Spirit (Spiritunicorn Resident): I always add fog for my photographs
            [14:09] Mosseveno Tenk: btu then you get the border weirdness
            [14:09] Mosseveno Tenk: if its not the same setting
            [14:09] Lady Sumoku: Oh, does anyone have pictures of the Sailor Memorial from Wheatstone?
            [14:09] Vic Mornington (Victor1st Mornington): yeah true, but using “density” instead of Haze doesnt mess too much with the looks on a border cross… it lifts the atmosphere up instead of drowning out the “fog”
            [14:10] Mosseveno Tenk: ask Osric Worbrdge, he might.
            [14:10] Mosseveno Tenk: also, be really careful with glow when you build. lot of people prefer fog settings, and glow messes it up bad.
            [14:10] Vernden Jervil: RL is calling me, I’ll catch up with the transcript later *waves to everyone*
            [14:10] LoreWildwood Resident: Mock something up, Victor, and put one in Industry and the other in Port Babbage and call for opinions, perhaps?
            [14:10] Garnet Psaltery: Cheerio!
            [14:10] Jimmy Branagh waves
            [14:11] Lady Sumoku waves
            [14:11] Mosseveno Tenk: righto, me too. i got relatives inroute.

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