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sergeant Miller and and two of his Militia corporals followed the terrified old woman through the ally,

Miller shook his head, not two hours after his promotion, and here he is investigating the murder of a prostitute”whats this city coming to aye lads?”the lads, mumbled non committedly,

they reached their destination a basement apartment, a crowd of people jostling in the door way to get a look inside ” here you lot move out of the way Militia coming through”

as the gawker s moved out of the way Miller looked the entrance over, stout wooden door at the bottom of a brick stairwell, with no visible windows to the room in the walls, and with a shop on the ground floor above, no one in the upper floors would have heard a thing.

the sergeant stepped through the door and into hell.

the poor girl was tied to a T frame hung from the ceiling beams, wearing just a bloodied shift and petticoats, the latter tied, no sewn, to her wrists to fan out like wings,

while the numerous long thin needles stuck in her skin at several points made no sense to him,below a set of tourniquets, the ruin that had been her legs was clearly the cause of her death.

as Miller looked up to her face, and the blood stained mouth, from where she’d bit her lips, and tongue in agony, her eyelids slowly opened, revealing eyes lost  to unyielding horror and endless pain.

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  1. John Wright John Wright June 12, 2015

    John watched the scene unfold from across the street, his form hidden in the shadows. He scowled, It wasn’t enough to track Mr. Eliot anymore. No, now that that damnable cat had made his move it was time for the wolf to plan his own. He had to admit he was caught by surprise, by making a play this soon Eliot had left the wolf to scrable for cover, and gave himself enough time to leave Wright vulnerable.


    “Damned Cat’s a monster.” he muttered as he turned his back on the street and walked into the darkness.

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