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sometimes you just have to see your employees for the fools that they are

violet sat in her office with omig and qismah going over they’re respective ledgers, when omig spoke ” so Hienrichs has left Babbage,might be a good time to clear out the militia once and for all’

the Rabbit moreau looked up at him “some times omig you really are an idiot, the last thing we want is the militia gone”

Qismah looked up from her book a perplexed look on her face”but i thought you wanted the Militia destroyed”

“oh not destroyed, ineffectual’ Violet replied”without the militia we cant control the gangs, they believe that we are keeping them safe from the militia without them the gangs will think they don’t need us anymore, and then we have a problem’

the wolf sat down grabbing the brandy “thats easy enough just keep the pressure on em make em pay”

Violet looked at omig a bit of scorn showing ” just because i let you bring your wolf pack over doesn’t mean we’re going for brutishness over brains omig, im still not happy with your mess in port, when did probe the waters become a killing spree?no we do things my way, and that means the Militia stays, without them we’re just another pack of dogs scrabbling over a bone, with them we are in charge”

the gazelle Healer tilted her head’ does that mean you want hienrichs left alive?”

the Rabbit jerked around to face her CERTAINLY NOT! i said we want the Militia ineffectual,and as long as Hienrichs is in command they will be all too effective, no i want her dead,its a pity really,had i known she was leaving in time, and on what ship, I’d have sent the Olympian around to intercept and sink them, but oh well no use grieving over lost opportunities, we’ll get our chance, so for now its Business as usual, omig you sit on your wolves, they stay kenneled you understand me?”

Omig looked dissatisfied but nodded “very good “violet continued” meanwhile i’ll work to dig us out of this mess with Victor, before it becomes a war that will be long and costly, and might bring Tenk out of his clocks and into seeing, and caring what goes on in the city,”

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