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Something Wicked This Way…Is Here

He was here. Scottie knew it. Yet the strange magic properties of the town dampened their connection enough to where Scottie could not pinpoint his exact whereabouts. For that though the Melniks were grateful, they needed the extra time to prepare.

They stayed at home during the night, turning away visitors as politely as they could. Training was time consuming as even the simpler techniques took weeks to get a handle on. Visualize a wall, focus on that darned ticking, don’t let anything in…over, over and over again to exhaustion. Sky was growing frustrated and Scottie was growing even more worried, something he would have thought impossible. The Professor had offered his “services” but those came at a price, one they were unsure they were willing to pay. They saw no alternative but to press on as they knew how.

Reports had surfaced around town of more missing people than usual. If they did not think themselves part of the possible cause they might have easily dismissed it. After all, people disappeared all of the time. Yet, every new name in the paper brought the darkness even closer around them, filling their thoughts with that of urgency. He was here, he was killing and he would find them soon.

Another morning they started defense training as the sun rose. They both hated it, closing their minds off to each other. Not speaking, not interacting other than trying to prepare. Today was different though, they had both had enough. As they fell into bed that night, not having spoken a word to each other all day, Scottie finally broke the silence by saying, “We’re ready.”

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  1. Stargirl Macbain Stargirl Macbain March 8, 2011

    Ooo the tension is literally killing me at this point!

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