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Something that should be extinct

Wisp smiled as he walked down the street saw the sky darkening.  He was hastening his step now he’d finished spreading the word a bit, and Astray had decided to stay in the urchin hide out above the theater. As Wisp rounded a corner in the canals near the Church of the Builder he froze, he saw a clock work like he had never seen before.  A strange reptile looking one with a large cog in its back.

He dived into a nearby snow pile like he always does in danger as he watches it go by, wondering what it was up to.  He knew Kasa was having a clockwork problem but this was turning into a major issue, as soon as it rounded a corner and went off towards the port he jumped up and jumped off a near by bridge skidding on the ice as he took off towards bunny tower, he had to warn Kasa, as he ran as fast as his legs could go. As he neared the tower he could see the smoke unaware of what just took place he went into a dead sprint and jumped onto the side walk, then rushed up the stairs past Lisa and was about to enter as he saw Bookworm coming out of the tower.

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