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Some Leisure Time In Iron Bay

Journal Entry:

“Enjoying a bit of fishing. Exposed a few plates with the camera while we waited for smoke to clear after the miscalculation with the experimental stove. Nitro-glycerin is a touchy fuel, as it turns out. On the plus side, while we waited, dozens of mostly non-mutated aquatic creatures bubbled up through the hole in the ice–percussion kill, it would seem. None of it was edible, of course. Though neither was the stew we ate off the ill-fated stove. We’re convinced the stove failed because it wasn’t radical enough. Something less conventional next year; planning already, sketching plans on my bandages.”

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  1. Mack Blackwell Mack Blackwell February 28, 2013

    (( Best line: “Nitro-glycerin is a touchy fuel, as it turns out. ” LOL))

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