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Sighs and tea times.

So, I have yet again found out just how inexperinced in the real world that I truly am. In speaking to Mayor Tenk for the first time today, I inadvertently upset him. *sigh* Truly, I meant all due respect with what I was asking, but I suppose he took it the wrong way. I will apologize… At a later date, however. At this time I will let him have his time away from me, even though at this point, I am somewhat sure that he is going to be angry with me every time he sees me from now on…

Which brings me to my next point. I’ve been communicating with Scald Sonnerstein as of late and I must say, he’s an exrtraordinary child. I enjoy his company and find him to be a superb conversationalist, despite not speaking. He is very clear and concise and I like that about him. His father, Doctor Sonnerstein, is apparently very skilled in his job and I think that if I can get an appointment to speak to him, perhaps he can help me to figure out how to fix what I’ve broken… Surgeons are good at re-attaching things that look broken beyond repair. I hope.

So I have my note to the good Doctor in my possession, ready to give to Scald to hand to his father. I can only hope that this does more good than me trying to get a job in this place by myself…

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