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shall we have a song or a tale?

Olivia walked down a side street heading for one of her favorite shops in Clockhaven, when she was grabbed from behind, and a wet cloth was placed over her muzzle, her last waking sensation was the sweet smell of ether……………

…………………..Olivia awoke an unknown time later, tied to a ratty bed in a small room, the smell of death hung on the air like Babbage smog, that and her pounding head caused her to vomit on herself and the bed

” oh my dear girl what a mess you’ve made of your self”a familiar voice said” here allow me to clean you up:

the young rabbit shrunk in upon herself ,as far as the ropes would allow ‘ M…Mr Eliot”

the cat set down a tray with basin, pitcher, and towels, yes my dear it is I, Eliot wiped the girls face with a damp towel, and produced a glass of wine ” here rinse your mouth,”

the rabbit Moreau did as instructed and spit in the basin ” where am i?”

Eliot looked around ” a man named dock side johnny used to live here, although he can’t be said to live anywhere any more really, although he can still be found around town, in several places to be exact, his head currently resides in your auntie violets safe”

the cat picked  up a large surgical knife “he was a bit of a disappointment really,he hardly sang at all, just moaned pitifully”

Olivia turned her head away”what are you going to do with me?’

“you?Olivia could feel the cats gaze burn into the back of her neck ” well at first i was going to give you a singing lesson, to teach Miss Solano where she stands, but i find that i honestly like you and wont see you harmed, so instead im going to let you go with a message to your Auntie VI”

Olivia turned her head a look of scorn on her face”and what is that?”

the feline Moreau smiled warmly ‘ ah theres the famous solano look, you’ll make a fine criminal and murderess some day,well short and sweet, tell her to leave me alone, and I’ll do the same, simple as that’

Eliot took the knife and partially cut through one of the ropes on Olivia’s wrist ” there you should be able to work that loose quick enough and then untie the rest’

he dropped the knife into a doctors bag, and walked to the window, and opened them then turned” oh and one more thing, tell violet to break relations with Mr wright, hes more of a monster than she can possibly imagine, and shes best clear of him” he then stepped through the window and into the night.

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