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Sevastian’s Death

November 2nd,


My apologies, for such a late information as to what happened to my late fiancĂ©e, Sevastian. My heart has not been into typing about this day, and lately been receiving many people into my tea house to pay their respect for their now gone friend.


Many may be confused, as to what had happened. I am rather sad that certain people can not understand that one’s time is not always dedicated to write about what hurts them immediately upon request. If a visit to the tea house had been made where I spent my entire day, it could of been properly talked of.


Sevastian’s death came from his idea of heroics over protecting me. He acted with little thought, with the only one being to get back at the person who tried to end the life of his love.

Revenge, never a resolve to any problem. I had once thought it was as well, this day had shown me otherwise.

A week prior to this unfortunate date, I had stumbled across Ms. Bianca and Rusty beating on the poor Clockwork doll, Rowan. I had over heard them talking, and Ms. Bianca aimed her new weapon at me… thankfully for me, it was not working. I tried to keep this day a secret from Sevastian, but he had found it out.

In anger, and already loathing Bianca before hand, Sevastian went out to do what others hadn’t. Try and make sure one less crazy was left walking on the streets.

Tho heavily injured, Bianca had got the upper hand and Sevastian was fatally injured in the loud gun fight. 

Stormy, Rowan and Tosh had all came to the scene, but nothing could be done. Sevastian is gone.

Perhaps the ghost train will carry our lost friend back to us, one can only hope.


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  1. Kristos Sonnerstein Kristos Sonnerstein November 5, 2010

    ::Dr. Sonnerstein read the obituary over a man’s shoulder, unseen from another, stranger place, shaking his head in frustration.:: Hang in there, Strider. Perhaps something can still be done when I return.

  2. Blackberry Harvey Blackberry Harvey November 6, 2010

    Oh dear!

    Perhaps his spirit may still be roaming our streets, though, rather Skyler-like?

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