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Setting course with the Aeroraptor

After the people who run the city expected him to pay for the airspace at the Palisades tower, as ‘Doctor Dinosaur has no need for useless mammal paper” he had his crew of automoton lizards set course elsewhere, raising the elevation to above the clouds, I haven’t eaten in days, and theres something wrong with my foot, this wasn’t what I agreed to when I took the biographer job! I -OW!- ok ok, no more hitting, I’ll do my job!  Doctor Dinosaur has mostly been shutting himself in the wardrobe in the cargohold, ranting about a new device that no horse will ever be able to smash, or something to the sort, and only has been on deck to stand on the observation decking and rant about mammals again.  The warmer weather has been agreeing with him better, and he’s taken to regularly plucking the plomage from his head.  The biographer had given the opinion it made the dinosaur resemble a plucked turkey, and it resulted in a loss of a pinky….fortunatly the bleeding’s stopped and I’m over te shock, okay alright, I’ll stick to the topic then! you don’t have to hive me looks like that!

Doctor Dinosaur had sent a team of mecharaptors and smaller automotons to survey the  Power Plant, and gloated that this plan was foolproof.


Ok, I finished the entry, can I eat now? this goes entirely against the typist and transcribers union you know

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  1. Bookworm Hienrichs Bookworm Hienrichs April 4, 2011

    Note to self: Discourage people from taking a job with Dr. Dinosaur. ((*laugh*))

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