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September Sale

As the steamhunt begins to wind down, this is the last weekend of the month, and it has been a while since I have done one…from Friday 12:00 pm SLT  (noon) to Sunday 10:00 pm SLT I will be having a sale.

Everything in the store will be at least 10% off, many are closer to 20-25% off, some even be 50% off.

This sale will span my 3 stores, each will have a different pack that is 50% off. So come out and visit all three, you know never know what you might see on sale.

The last three picks in my profile are my stores.

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  1. Amber Ilsker Amber Ilsker September 24, 2010

    I just went round your 3 shops and found that some items are different prices in each shop, even the same item with 2 prices in one shop. The item on the wall display was less then the same item on display in the middle of the shop kind of thing. So I’m not sure what is the sale price and the what is the none sale price. Also one item was listed at 50% off but was actually less than 50% off compared to the price in another shop that wasn’t 50% discounted.

    • Rip Wirefly Rip Wirefly September 24, 2010

      Everything in all stores are marked down, so one item that is 50% off in one store could be 10%-25% in a different store. So say something was originally L$500, the 50% off is L$250, while in another store it will be that normal sales price of something like L$400.

      The prices on the wall versus the display have been fixed. Thank you for pointing that out. 

      • Amber Ilsker Amber Ilsker September 24, 2010

        Ah ok, I just assumed that apart from the 50% ones the other prices would be identicle in each shop. I’ll pop round again to see which has which cheapest, thanks for explaining.

  2. Rip Wirefly Rip Wirefly September 27, 2010

    As I will not be able to change all the prices tonight, the sale will extend till tomorrow after noon sometime after I get home.

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