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Sept. 20 – Deal with the Devil

Bookworm left the asylum, her mood not elevated by her visit with Freya. The fox had been frantic to get out, loudly proclaiming that she wanted to take back her surrender. Bookworm couldn’t let that happen, though, and in the end, a couple of burly interns had had to step in and resecure her straightjacket.

One thing, though, she’d gotten from Freya. Another of Kuga’s medicine deliveries should be happening soon, which would give the opportunity of letting Prometheus know that they’d now need Freya’s also. She peeked in at the hospital, and found Tepic still there with Beryl. Delivering that news, she left quickly, before her temper could rouse again.

She stood at the hospital entrance, looking north across the canal to Miss Solano’s warehouse, lost in thought. After several minutes, she sighed, gave herself a shake, and made her way across the bridge, presenting herself at the entrance.

One of Miss Solano’s underlings brought her up in the elevator and led her to the office entrance, where he knocked. “Captain Hienrichs, Ma’am,” he said, quickly stepping away before any fireworks could start.

“What do you want, Hienrichs?” Though her greeting wasn’t exactly welcoming, Miss Solano gestured to a grouping of chairs and sofas nearby. “Sit.”

Bookworm looked at one of the couches, and finally sat down. “I’ve been considering that note of yours–”

“So you come armed?” The rabbit Moreau sounded dubious, and a little angry.

“It isn’t wise for me to go anywhere without them these days,” Bookworm replied, keeping a tight rein on her emotions.

“Yes, so I’ve heard.” Miss Solano settled into a chair across from Bookworm. “So have your say.”

“If you are truly interested in helping with the Prometheus situation, I…” She paused, discomfort passing across her expression, as she seemed to swallow something.

“Hmmm?” Miss Violet looked expectant.

“I will welcome it.”

“Ahh.” A look of satisfaction crossed Violet’s face. “It comes down to you needing my help, does it?”

“Let’s say that I think it could be quite useful. Prometheus, I’m sure, knows about our enmity. I think our working together would be quite the surprise for him.”

“I’m sure it will.” Miss Solano leaned back in her seat. “Well, I’ll help. But only because this is a threat to the whole of Babbage.”

Bookworm nodded, accepting that. It mirrored her own feelings, after all. “We know they’re using a flying machine – and quite possibly an airship that’s docked somewhere. A known Solano airship approaching… might not alarm him. At least, not to the extent something from the Militia would.”

“An airship?” Violet scratched her face thoughtfully. “Most of mine are freight haulers. Do you have an idea of where they are?”

Book shook her head. “We’re still searching. You and your men could probably assist with that, too, if you wish.”

“Hmm.” Thoughtfully silent a moment, Miss Solano tapped her fingers. “I’ll send the Olympian around the coast to look at sea.” She looked at Bookworm, a bit of a feral gleam entering her eyes. “Do you want it destroyed?”

“No!” she exclaimed hastily. “Lilith and Leon might be aboard. I’d rather not resort to killing them to get at Prometheus.”

“Ahh.” Violet added in a mumble, “Weak.” Once again, Bookworm had to fight hard to keep a retort silent. “Well, you let me know what you need,” Miss Solano continued, “and if I can, I’ll supply it.”

Bookworm nodded stiffly, and stood up. “I’m still at the hospital, so please send me word as soon as possible if your ship finds anything.”

“I will. And I’ll tell Captain Walker not to shoot it down.” Violet smiled sweetly. “Good night, Captain.”

“Good night. And… thank you.” Bookworm hastily left the office, thankfully making her exit to head back once again to the hospital. She wasn’t sure how she felt about this deal she’d made… except at, as Beryl had first said, she had the feeling that Miss Solano would be needed, sooner or later.

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  1. violet Solano violet Solano November 9, 2015

    Omig walked into the warehouse office “did i just see Hienrichs leaving this building in one piece again?”

    Violet looked up from the telegram she was writing ” yes she finally came to beg for my help against Prometheus “

    the wolf snickered ” i doubt she begged”

    the rabbit Moreau laughed out loud ” well as close as the dear Captain would ever get to begging, admitting she needed My help, and saying thank you when i agreed “

    Omig sat in a chair and poured himself a brandy ” Hah! still I’m surprised she even asked “
     Violet walked over and took the brandy from his paw ” so was I, but never mind we have work to do, get a launch readied for me i have to go talk to Cpt Walker, then take some men out to look around for any strange airships,especially out in the fells,she thinks  Prometheus is in an airship lets see if we can find it”

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