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Sept. 19 – Not Much to Say

The time spent with my parents was very enjoyable–some rest, some travel, much talk.  And, thankfully, Dr. Obolensky was right–my unconscious desires for pipe and violin did fade over time, especially as no such implements were available to me there.  Mariah has suggested that we continue with the boxing lessons, though, so that if need arises again, I can rely on my own skills.

And, wonder of wonders, New Babbage has actually been quite quiet of late.  (And yes, I’m fully aware that I’ve probably hexed us all by writing that, but truly, what could possibly go wrong?  (And yes, I’ve done it again.)) The quiet has given me the chance to work on more of my past photography, which I quite welcome–I’ve still so much to go through.  The photographs from my party are still on display <a href=”″>at the White Rabbit,</a> though interest seems to have decreased dramatically since the party.  Perhaps, in all the excitement of the Air Kraken Festival, people forgot about them…

Well, at least we have the reopening of Piermont Landing to look forward to on Saturday.  That’ll certainly be one in the eye for Dr. Obolensky!

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