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Semi-Occasional Prodding Toward the Wiki

Remember when the feud between Clockwinder Tenk and Mr. Underby resulted in some snowy fun?

Can’t remember the details of the investigation of the murder of William DeFaw?

Heard or read occasional references to a monster hand, and wonder what that was all about?


All this and more can be found on the New Babbage Wiki!  Keep up with the current events in our city (and on our site), and read past months’ events.  Read biographies of your fellow citizens!  There’s a wealth of detail to dive into!


Of course, all of this is rather difficult for just a few people to maintain.  So we’d love it if you contributed!  There’s a page that explains basic Wiki syntax, but if you don’t want to tackle that, just email or IM me (email is bookworm1225 at with the information you want in there, and we’ll help get it in!

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