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Secret Room! Murder Scene! Diobolical plans!

Last night me and Mr Canis wos looking about for the beests captors when who should show up but Sebastian ‘imself! We showed ‘im the secret room wot we ‘ad found in the sea wall at clockhaven where the beests captors ‘ad ‘eld poor old Mr Blindside before they done ‘im in. There is stuff in that room and it aint good cus it gives a hint about wot diobolical plans they have in store with the beestie.

Sebastian said we should raise the alarm and tell the townfolk about the room and Mr Canis said ‘e would ask the mayor for an emergency meeting at 3pm tomorrow (Saturday).

Bloomin ‘eck! From the stuff wot is in that room it looks like we are up the poop creek with no propellor if we dont find the beesties dastardly captors and bloody fast!

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