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Santa’s Sleigh and the Quadcopter Zeppelin

Sittong on Steam Santa’s lap and asking him for a gift this year turned out to be a prophetic moment.  You see I asked Steam Santa to borrow his sleigh the other 364 days a year when he’s not using it.  Plus the reindeer and some magic dust.  That way I could get food to all the starving kids of the world.  20k die each day you know…


Lo and behold days later i looked upon my creation of the season – a quadcopter zeppelin craft in sl and I realized that this craft could be Santa’s Sleigh!  With a point-to-point GPS unit and a large enough helium balloon to achieve zero bouyancy, a solar powered version of this could travel anywhere in the world!  I could send a bag of rice to tanzania for $100 if i wanted to it seemed.  


Now, days later I’ve been working on a practical design for a global delivery aircraft of this type.  It seems practical for short enough hops, larger more durable machines can travel farther and perhps around the world.  It seems that the old line is true:  Wishes can come true if you wish with all your might!  Thank you Steam Santa!  




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