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Risky Buisness – Close those portals!!

Avariel Falcon was called in to hurry up and help close the many rouge portals that had been opening in the city.  She found the one that Unit 3 had fallen into…there were a lot of birds coming out of it even now.

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  1. Unit 3 Unit 3 February 2, 2013

    Avariel tried to use the falconite crystal on this very active rouge portal.

    It was getting smaller and aetheric readings were begining to go down in the surrounding area…

    The portal was almost closed, the birds wouldn’t be getting through here anymore!

    She let out a cheer at a job well done.

  2. Nathan Adored Nathan Adored February 5, 2013

    Has Unit 3 shown back up again?  oO


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