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Riel Day for Life is here!

Hey New Babbage – it’s Riel Day For Life!

RDFL is a
special, day-long program that runs from 12:00am until 7:00pm North
American Pacific Time Sunday, July 7. Radio Riel listeners are
taking control of the programming on Radio Riel’s Main stream with
individual hours of music that they have selected. This event is a joint
venture between Radio Riel and the New Babbage Relay For Life team to
raise funds for the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life.

Here is the program:

0:00:00 – Songs from the Movies
1:00:00 – Gentlemen of Song
2:00:00 – Ragtime
3:00:00 – English Country Dance
4:00:00 – Carnival of Rust
5:00:00 – Music of the 1940s and 50s
6:00:00 – Tennessee Ernie Ford
7:00:00 – Family Songs Around The Piano
8:00:00 – Tijuana Brass
9:00:00 – Electronica
10:00:00 – Music of World War II
11:00:00 – English Traditional and Classical
12:00:00 – Revelry on Reverie
13:00:00 – Revelry on Reverie
14:00:00 – Grand Hotel: An Hour of Music from the Palm Court
15:00:00 – Space Age Bachelor Pad
16:00:00 – Mechanical Music
17:00:00 – Music of Mathematics
18:00:00 – Celtic Moods

There is also an all-day dance/listening party at The Radio Riel Ballroom in the New Babbage sim (,
so please join us, be a part of the Riel Day For Life and support the
New Babbage RFL Team and the American Cancer Society in the fight to
conquer cancer.

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