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RFL Charity Art Auction June 26th 1pm SLT

Academy of Industry, June 26th 1pm slt

Come join us for an exciting art auction where you
have a chance to take home either one of a kind pieces or first
editions, meaning this will be the very first of the product ever sold.
Items will be on display starting Friday June 24th.

Steampunk and victorian buildings or furniture can
sometimes be tough to find. Not when shoping at Canolli Capalini’s store
however. With her wonderful couches to her amazing music boxes, she has
pieces that wow everyone. This year she has graciously donated a
wonderful functioning windmill that you will have to see to believe,
will you be the first to own this piece?

The queen of strange will grace us once again as
the owner of Grim Brothers, Cutea Benelli, donates a one of a kind
shoulder pet. What is it? You will have to see the display to find out.

If you want a working engine Rip Wirefly is the man
to see and if you are the lucky winner of this auction you can be the
first owner of a true vertical steam engine. This will also be the only
time this product will include sculpt maps for the machine itself. Don’t
miss out on this opportunity.


When looking for men’s Victorian clothing most
come to a standstill of not knowing where to go until the name Nix Sands
comes to mind. Nix not only makes amazing clothing for men, but also
makes amazing cars. If you are the lucky winner of this auction you will
receive a one of a kind automobile from Nix Sands himself.

Exotic weaponry is something many people enjoy and
if you add comical to it you get even better. Kimika Yang does just
this, creating wonderful contraptions, whether they be amazing or
comical. If you are the lucky winner of this auction you will take home
one of her original creations, the Dragon Fly.

In Victorian clothing, when you need to go on a
shopping trip one of the places most frequent is the House of Rfyre.
Raven Pennyfeather herself is donating a wonderful new dress to the
cause that you can own if you are the lucky winner of this auction.

One name strikes terror into the hearts of many
Baggers, Doctor Obolensky. Known for his terrorizing the people of New
Babbage and making humorous contraptions, if you win this auction you
can be the lucky owner of a limited edition monocle.

If you look about town you are sure to run into
portraits of many Babbagers, both old and new. Chances are if you see
such a portrait it was done by none other than Skusting Dagger. Not only
is he a talented artist in world but he is in real life as well. Win
this auction and you will receive a prim version of his latest piece of

When you go to a ball chances are your photograph
will be taken by this talented woman, Bookworm Hienrichs. Not only is
she talented in world but she is great at taking photography in real
life as well. If you are lucky enough to win this auction you will take
home a framed prim of a scene from Yellowstone that she captured

One thing that goes hand in hand with steampunk is steam engines. New Babbage’s very own Amadeus
Hammerer knows this quiet well and has built a New Babbage train for
this very occasion. If you are the winner of this lucky auction you will
take home this train that with the rail road.

When shopping for steampunk clothing a few names
always seem to pop out in conversation, one of which being Silent
Sparrow. If you are the lucky winner of this auction you will win a prim
version of painting the one and only hyasynth created herself. Not only
will you receive this as an object in world but if you win this one you
will win it in real life as well. Yes folks if you are the lucky
winner, she will ship the real version to you. Being said winner must
feel comfortable giving their shipping address to hyasynth so she may
ship it. Shipping to continental United States will be free,
international will need to be discussed with hyasynth.

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