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RFL Bar Crawl, List of Pubs and Bars Etc.


I have been updating this list from last year and also marked the
bars and places that will be included in the RFL bar crawl this year. If
yours is missing, please let me know.


Existing bars, public houses, and restaurants in New Babbage as of June 2013.

(In General Order)

1. The Rusty Cog
Sparkes Keynes, owner
Brunel Railway, Babbage Square
RFL kiosk included

2. Loki’s Absinthe House
Loki Eliot, owner
Grand Canals, Babbage Square
No RFL kiosk, yet

3. Cafe de Paris
Strachan Shadowcry, owner
Grand Canal, Babbage Canals
No RFL kiosk

4. Ruby’s Pub
Skusting Dagger, owner
Bow Street, Babbage Canals
No RFL kiosk

5. The Merryman of Babbage
Mosseveno Tenk, owner
Nothing in it, yet

6. The Sneaky Vole
Tepic Harlequin, owner
Behind a tram stop, near Piermont Landing
This has been rezzed recently :)

7. Ahab’s Bane Tavern
Capt. Cadmus Lupindo, owner
Old Hob, bartender
Greg Street, Iron Bay, New Babbage
RFL kiosk included

8. The Bucket of Blood
Mr. Underby, owner
Njal Edwyn, Bartender
West Abney Parkway, New Babbage
No RFL kiosk

9. The Rusty Pint
Ariana Farstrider, owner
Clockworks Warehouse, New Babbage
The Miniature Bar, no RFL kiosk yet

10. The Rangoon Pandemonium Bar
Jimmy Branagh, owner
Cooger & Dark’s Wax Museum
RFL kiosk included

11. Brass Monkey
Edward Pearse, owner
Clockwork Close, Babbage Palisade
no RFL kiosk

12.Goodbye Muirsheen Durkin
Vic Mornington, owner
Academy Downs, Academy of Industry
I couldn’t find a RFL kiosk, but I assume there will be.

13. The Red Rum Cave
Mosseveno Tenk, #1 patron
Hooke’s Corner, Clockhaven
RFL kiosk included

14. The Old Brewery
Amadeus Hammerer and Obscura Benoir, owners
Doagrun Road, Clockhaven
No RFL kiosk

15. The Gangplank
Emerson Lighthouse and Junie Ginsburg, owners
Martin Malus, bartender
Prince Dakkar Boulevard, Clockhaven
No RFL kiosk, yet

16. The Back Room
Garnet Psaltery, owner
Port Babbage
RFL kiosk included

17. Porthead Tavern
Tesla Tripsa, owner
Montgolfier Quay, Port Babbage
No RFL kiosk

18. Cocoa Java Cafe
Ariana Farstrider, owner
Blackberry Harvey, last owner
Academy Downs, Academy of Industry
No RFL kiosk

19. Vrai Vert
Dr. Cyberusfaustus, owner
Archon Way, Clockhaven
RFL kiosk included

20. Satu’s Sushi Barge
Satu Moreau, owner
Clockhaven Harbor
No RFL kiosk

21. The Red Cat Tea Room
Stargirl MacBain, owner
Perdido Street, Babbage Square
No RFL kiosk

22. Oddson Coffeeworks
Oddson Tower, New Babbage
Jordan Oddson, owner
No RFL kiosk


23. Codswallop Seafood (Fish’n’Chips counter)
Christine McAllister Pearse, owner
West Abney Parkway, New Babbage
No RFL kiosk


24. Lotus of the Sea
Breezy Carver-Fabre, owner
Vernian Sea
No RFL kiosk

25. Piermont Landing
Doctor Obolensky, The Engineers of New Babbage, owner
No RFL kiosk to be seen

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  1. Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery June 9, 2013

    The Back Room (at the Whitby Cat and Tea Yard in Port Babbage) is missing from the list.

    • Elina Koskinen Elina Koskinen June 9, 2013

      Oh! So it is, I did get the landmark for it, though. I will ad it as soon as I get to it :) Thanks for pointing that out.

      edit: Info added

      • Garnet Psaltery Garnet Psaltery June 9, 2013

        Many thanks; you have been busy!

  2. Ariana Farstrider Ariana Farstrider June 15, 2013

    hey! Mine has a kiosk its down in the bar ^_^

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